Kasauti Zindagi Ki 16th November 2018 Written Update Written Episode

Madhuri tells Navin what was the use to challenge Anurag, what is he gets serious, all our plan will be ruined, Navin says its only matter of three days, when i get married, all will be fine.

Ronita is on the same road and is shocked to see Navin. Falshback is shown where Ronita is marrying Navin. She houts out at Navin, Madhuri and Navin are shocked to see her and run away from her, Ronita tells at them how can they leave her and run away, they get in a caar and run away.

Anurag is with Prerna and tells Prerna you don’t know Navin, Madhuri is his wife, Prerna says i know you will say anything to break my marriage with Navin, Ronita comes crying for Rahul, Anu, Prerna and Rahul asks her what happened as she is in a mess, Ronita tells Rahul that i have seen that man, he was with his first wife, the one who ruined our lives, i have seen that man, Rahul says now, we know that man is in this city, you can get divorce and justice, she says i have seen that car number, she tries hard to recollects the car number but only half, prerna says even half number will do, Navin and Madhuri are tensed as Navin drives too fast, Anurag asks Ronit name of the person, she says Pradeep Basu.

Madhuri tells Navin that Ronit can’t find you in this big city. Navin is worried that Anurag was already behind him and Ronita is now behind me. Madhuri says you focus on your wedding after that we will flee to LOmdon, you take care of Prerna now.

Anurag offers Ronit to drop her home. He also tells her that she can call him anytime if she needs help. Navin comes to pick up Prerna, he is shokced to see Ronita, she tries to look at the person and says the car, he taunts yes, this is Navin babu’s car, he is her temporary driver, Prerna says he is my would be husband, Ronita congratulates Prerna, Prerna says bye to Anurag. navin tries to hide his face, Ronita says i have Prerna’s phone with me. Navin again tries to hide his face while talking to Anurag and changes his voice, Ronita seems doubtful and tells Pradeep and Navin have same car model. Anu says there are many cars with such model in the city but we will find your culprit.

Navin drops Prerna at a shop for shopping and calls Madhuri that Ronita has met Prerna and Anurag, he found out when he went to pick up Prerna, he gets tensed what if Ronita exposes him during sangeet function, he says i am scared today, Madhuri tells him to calm down. Madhuri says Ronit would have spoken about Pradeep Basu and not Navin, Navin is still scared, Madhuri sayss keep the phone, let me think, he says please think, else i might not get married but get jailed, he says what about the advance we took from London wali party, Prerna comes out of shop and hears London wali party converstaion and Navin saying i love you a lot to Madhuri, he makes up for the conversation as he thinks Prerna might have heard, Prerna asks who did you say you love, Navin is shocked.

Since Navin is out, Anurag decides to check for some proofs against Navin in his room. He finds a small box which is locked.

Prerna asks him about the love and London wali party conversation, Navin says after marriage i will have to give my freimds in London a party, he says now, lets go, Prerna thinks Navin is acting weird today.

Anurag tries to open the secrte box, but Mohini comes and tells to give a gift to Prerna at her house, he says OK. Navin is tensed and thinks about Ronita as he drops Prerna home, Prerna say he made an excuse about being tensed for wedding, but its simething else. Madhuri spies on Ronita from a window at Ronit’a place, Ronita feels someone is watching, Madhuri says its time for Ronita to meet Pradeep.

Anurag comes to give the gift to Prerna at her place, she is getting ready for the sangeet function, he helps her with jwellery as they look into each other in the mirror, he says i have to confess something.