Kasauti Zindagi Ki 1st January 2019 Written Update Written Episode

Anurag and Prerna about Ronit Dubey. She says that they were in deep love and even decided to marry. Last night, Ronit broke all ties with her. She was traumatized and couldn’t find a way out as she was pregnant.
Prerna decides to punish Ronit.
Moloy returns home. He narrates the story to Mohini. She gets pissed to see Moloy’s concern for them.
Mishka and Kamolika are having breakfast together. Mishka is complaining about Ronit’s absence. Mishka receives a call and decides to leave. Ronit comes for breakfast.
Anurag suggests Prerna complain against Ronit in the police station. She agrees with Anurag.
Police arrive at Dubey mansion to arrest Ronit.

Mohini looks for Anurag, but couldn’t find him. She calls Anurag and gets astounded to know that he is in Police Station. She makes Anurag realize that he is worrying way too much Prerna and her family.
Anurag says he could leave Prerna in this condition. Prerna overhears Anurag talking.
Here, Kamolika tries to bribe the inspector. Police arrests Ronit. Kamolika tries to contact her father, but he doesn’t answer the call.
Kamolika comes to know that some Prerna Sharma complained against Ronit.
Prerna bestows her gratitude to Anurag for always standing by her side.