Kasauti Zindagi Ki 26th December 2018 written episode written update

Anurag is making efforts to talk to Prerna, but she is avoiding him.
Shivani is wondering about Prerna and Anurag. Just then, she receives a call from a stranger. Shivani gets petrified.
Prerna is serving the guests. Moloy introduces Prerna to his guest as his personal secretary.
Mohini spots Anurag following Prerna in the party. Mishka finds Mohini staring Anurag. She breaks the ice by praising Anurag. She reminisces the time when Anurag use to stay in London, and use to host the parties. She tells Nevidita and Mohini that Anurag use serves his guests and sometimes use to feed the savants as well.
Mohini says he is still the same.
Anurag takes Prerna to the corner and to eradicate the difference between them. Prerna bashes at Anurag for interfering in her life.
Here, Mohini introduces Mishka as Anurag’s girlfriend.
Prerna who is already shattered to see Mishka in Anurag’s life is now devastated. Heartbroken Prerna leaves the party. While walking on the road, Prerna comes in front of Kamolika’s car. Kamolika lectures Prerna to keep a hold on her emotions.