Kasauti Zindagi Ki 5th November 2018 Written Update Written Episode

Mohini scolds Anurag and interrupts him from saying anything against Naveen that Moloy also scolds Anurag and yells at him to back out from this mess.

Prerna is watching Naveen while Shivi tells Prerna that she is sure of Naveen and Madhuri’s lie. Madhuri stops Naveen from staying to close with her otherwise Prerna will doubt them.

Mohini is hearing them sneakily that after her exit, Moloy pampers Anurag and asks him to reveal everything to him, Anurag explains to Moloy that how he exposed Naveen and Madhuri but the duo flopped him plan and proved him wrong.

Moloy encourages Anurag to not lose the hope but keep trying if he thinks that Naveen and Madhuri lied to everyone then he will have to expose them.

Anurag thanks Moloy while Anurag promises Moloy that he will not spare Naveen and will expose him soon.

Moloy lies to Mohini that he scolded Anurag after her exit and now he is feeling upset.

The engagement ceremony starts while Naveen searches for the ring, Shivi confronts Anurag and asks him to attend the function and support Prerna as she doesn’t want to marry Naveen that’s why she hid the ring from Naveen.

Anurag assures Shivi that he will expose Naveen and will not let Naveen marry Prerna at any cost.

Naveen reminds that he gave the ring to Prerna, he asks Prerna for ring while she recalls the moment when Anurag made her wear the engagement ring.

Naveen makes Prerna wear the ring, Naveen and Prerna exchange ring very hesitantly while Anurag watches Prerna from distance they both have a look at each other, Naveen and Prerna finally get engaged.

Prerna’s Engagement, Naveen Anurag face off

Anurag and Prerna recall the moments they spent together, Prerna and Anurag both are upset while Mohini sees Anurag.

Madhuri congrats Naveen and Prerna and praises their jodi while Naveen hugs Madhuri, Madhuri tells him that now Anurag is out from their life and he (Naveen) won Prerna’s trust.

Madhuri tells Mohini that she will be returning home now, while Anurag and Naveen challenge each other in their minds.

Anurag is upset facing a major dilemma because Prerna finally got engaged to Naveen that suddenly Naveen comes from behind.

Naveen offers sweets to Anurag celebrating his engagement ceremony and makes Anurag realize that he defeated his master plan.

Anurag interrupts Naveen from getting too close to Prerna and asks him what will he do when Prerna will learn his evil reality, Naveen advices Anurag to not brainwash Prerna’s mind otherwise he will not spare him.

Naveen asks Anurag to stay away from him and Prerna while Anurag also opens war against Naveen and says that Prerna is his friend and he will do anything for her no matter how much Naveen will scare heim.

Naveen shows his engagement ring and says he can’t do nothing while Anurag tells that now he is sure that he is wrong so now he will tackle the things in his own way to expose him.’

Prerna awaits Anurag and thinks to visit Anurag’s room that Nivedita comes and tells Prerna that she is well aware of her relation with Anurag, Prerna refuses to her while Nivedita warns her to stop interrupting in Anurag’s life.