Krishna Chali London 31st May 2018 Written Update, Written Episode

Radhe and Sajan come to the garden where Radhe has to meet Krishna. Sajan asks Radhe to use mouth-freshener as he is going to kiss her. Radhe goes to meet Krishna and Krishna tells him that she is ready to get engaged to him but in exchange, she wants 5 years from him to complete her studies. Krishna warns Radhe not to get baraat to her house. Krishna walks away. Radhe tells Sajan that Krishna is asking 5 years from him to do her studies as she only wants to get engaged right now. Radhe asks Sajan whether he should agree to her. Sajan asks Radhe to forget everything and just get married to Krishna. Later, Radhe practices telling his father that Krishna wants to study for 5 years and therefore they will only get engaged right now. Radhe is very tensed and is in a big dilemma.

Radhe falls in big dilemma

Batuk reads Radhe and Krishna’s wedding card and gets angry that his name is not printed on the card. Batuk creates a big scene in the house as his name is not on the card. Gajhodar pacifies Batuk. Gajhodar scolds Tirloki for skipping Batuk’s name from the card. Batuk continues to create big drama. Radhe’s mother asks Radhe to tell Batuk that if he does not come in the wedding then he will not marry. Radhe follows his mother’s words and asks Batuk to come for his wedding. Batuk agrees and gets pacified. Radhe nervously says good morning to his father as he tries to tell him about Krishna’s decision. However, Radhe is nervous and cannot tell his father.  Radhe’s mother asks him if he is alright. The engagement day arrives and Radhe is very nervous. Sajan scolds Radhe and asks him to be confident. Krishna’s family welcomes Radhe’s family. Radhe tries to confront his father nervously once again. Radhe gives his father the letter where he has written everything. Gajhodar is about to open the letter but Krishna’s father interrupts him. Radhe is given gifts by Krishna’s family. Krishna arrives there and Radhe gets tensed.

Precap: Krishna asks Radhe whether he has spoken to his father. Radhe runs away nervously. Radhe’s mother calls up Krishna’s father in the middle of the night and scolds him and ask him to come to Kanpur immediately.