Kulfi Kumar Bajewala 1st January 2019 Written Update Written Episode

Sikandar and Lovely are about to feed each other cake but they stop. Gunjan looks at them quizzically. Lovely and Sikandar eat the cake. Kulfi asks what they will do in Christmas. Sikandar and Lovely together say that they will sing Christmas carols. All family members sing Christmas songs. Kulfi asks why they are singing in English. Sikandar explains about Christmas and Santa Clause. Kulfi makes up a song on Santa Clause and sings and dances. Sikandar and Lovely also dance together. Kulfi and Amayra join Sikandar and Lovely’s hands. Lawyer Apurva calls up Chadda and tells him that Lovely is not taking his calls. Apurva warns Chadda that their case can get spoilt. Chadda gets angry saying that Lovely can never get freedom if she keeps going to Sikandar’s house.

Lovely gets instigated by Apurva

Sikandar chases Amayra making her eat food. Kulfi sees Amayra and Sikandar feeding each other and she remembers her mother. Kulfi sees them and gets tears in her eyes and Lovely looks at Kulfi. Kulfi runs to her room and Lovely goes after her. Kulfi talks to her mother and says that she is missing Tevar. Lovely comes to her room and gets sad seeing Kulfi. Lovely apologizes to Nimrit for hurting Kulfi and snatching away her family from her. Lovely lights a candle for Nimrit. All family members enjoy and Kulfi and Amayra are happy to see everyone together. Amayra tells Kulfi that they should put their wishes in a stocking and Santa Clause will fulfill their wish if he takes away their letter. Kulfi thinks to wish for Sikandar and Lovely to come under mistletoe. Later, Sikandar and Lovely discuss about the play. Lovely tells Amayra that they should return home. Amayra insists that they will stay here for the night. Lovely refuses and leaves. Amayra and Sikandar hug emotionally. Later, Amayra and Kulfi write a letter to Santa Clause to bring Sikandar and Lovely under mistletoe. Kulfi and Amayra put their letters in the stockings. Next morning, Kulfi wakes up and sees her letter missing from the stocking. Amayra also wakes up and finds that her letter is missing from the stocking. Amayra rushes to meet Kulfi and they happily dance saying that Santa has heard their wish. Gunjan asks what is their wish. Both girls avoid telling her. Sikandar and Lovely give gifts to Amayra and Kulfi. Kulfi and Amayra hope for their wish to get fulfilled and want to see Lovely and Sikandar under mistletoe.

Precap: Apurva tells Lovely that Sikandar is trying to trap her and prove her to be a bad mother. Sikandar, Amayra and Lovely wait for Lovely. Sikandar sees Chadda and Apurva.