Kulfi Kumar Bajewala 24th January 2019 Written Episode Written Update

Nimrat texting Lovely to come and meet him at his place from Sikander’s phone.
Present: Nimrat is happy to see Sikander and Lovely separated. She says she will use Kulfi to come close to Sikander. She shows her obsession towards Sikander.
Sikander misses Kulfi’s love but Kulfi remains angry on him. He feels sad for not being able to save her during the train incident.
Sikander pleads for Kulfi’s apology. Nimrat talks to herself and says that once she will be in his life, Sikander will be happy forever.
Nimrat pampers Kulfi and makes her feel good. She tries to come close to Kulfi so that she can win Sikander’s heart.
Nimrat wants Kulfi to feel that if she will be in Sikander’s life, things will get sorted.
In the morning, Kulfi sees her mother’s image in Nimrat while she offers her prayers to God through her song.
Nimrat prepares a lavish Punjabi breakfast for Sikander’s family. Nimrat asks Kulfi to feed Sikander with her hands. Kulfi refuses.
Bebe and Mohinder are sad seeing Sikander’s miserable condition. Gunjan compares Lovely with Nimrat. Nimrat records this in her phone and sends the video to Lovely.
Lovely gets irked seeing the video. Nimrat comes at Lovely’s place.
Precap: Sikander faints while using the treadmill.