Kulfi Kumar Bajewala 28th November 2018 written update written episode

Kulfi peeps into neighbour’s house who is an old lady. The lady scolds her and asks her to get lost. Kulfi tells Billo that she is not feeling bad as no one liked her in Sikandar’s house too when he went there in the beginning. Another neighbor reads newspaper and Kulfi asks him why he is reading bad news. The old man scolds her too. Kulfi introduces herself to the old man. Kulfi goes to another old man and helps him making tea. The man shares his tea with Kulfi. The old man gets snacks for Kulfi. The man tells Kulfi that her father and she cannot sing loudly and make noise. Kulfi befriends some neighbors and calls them to terrace in the evening. Kulfi gets happy to make new friends and thinks she will make Tevar also friends with them. Kulfi thinks she will help Sikandar and Tevar also to patch up. Sikandar gets to know about Tevar and Kulfi’s location and reaches there.

Kulfi falls sick

Tevar returns home and tells Kulfi that the producers loved his song. Tevar says he has to make 2-3 songs and give producer but he cannot do it because the neighbors don’t like him singing. Kulfi says she has made friends with neighbors and tells him that she will make him friends too. Sikandar reaches the building and looks around for Tevar and Kulfi but cannot find them. The two old men reach the terrace and Kulfi lands up there with Tevar. Kulfi makes Tevar friends with them. Kulfi pleads the two old men to allow her father to sing. The two men refuse. Kulfi starts singing to pacify them. Sikandar hears Kulfi’s voice. Sikandar rushes back to the building. The old men start dancing as Kulfi sings. An old lady comes to the terrace. The old lady scolds the old men for not stopping Kulfi from singing. The old man says that old woman’s son was a soldier who died in terrorist attack and therefore she does not like singing and celebration. Sikandar is unable to find Kulfi and goes back. Kulfi hugs the old woman and cries remembering her own mother. Kulfi sings an emotional song and pleads the woman to allow her father to sing.

Precap: Amayra prays that Kulfi should never know that Sikandar is her father. Voiceover says that God will not listen to Amayra. While Kulfi is dancing, she faints.