Kulfi Kumar Bajewala 29th November 2018 written update written episode

Tevar touches the old lady’s feet and she imagines him as her soldier son. The old lady hugs Tevar and then Kulfi. The old lady and the old men start dancing and Kulfi and Tevar also join them. Kulfi suddenly starts feeling dizzy and faints. Sikandar screams out Kulfi’s name. Tevar takes Kulfi in his arms and asks her to wake up. The doctor checks Kulfi’s hand and says she has a bad infection and she has to be taken to hospital immediately. Tevar carries Kulfi in her arms and takes her to hospital. Sikandar cries thinking about Kulfi. Kulfi is taken in operation theatre. Tevar cries. Doctor tells Kulfi that the infection has spread a lot and they may have to cut Kulfi’s hand to save her life. Doctor asks Tevar to pay up the surgery cost.

Kulfi’s life in danger

Tevar sets out to make arrangements for money. Tevar prays to God to save Kulfi. Sikandar’s car stops near Tevar. Sikandar hugs Tevar. Sikandar and Tevar rush to the hospital. Sikandar looks at Kulfi through the glass window and screams her name. Sikandar tells Tevar that nothing will happen to Kulfi. The old men and woman say that that nothing will happen to Kulfi. Lovely, Amayra and Bebe also reach hospital. Amayra rushes to Sikandar and hugs him. Doctor tells Sikandar and Tevar that Kulfi’s blood group is not available in hospital. Tevar and Sikandar say that they will give their blood. Sikandar and Tevar both go for blood test. Doctor comes later and days that Sikandar’s blood group has matched. Tevar gets shocked. Tevar is dejected as he thinks about Sikandar and Kulfi’s connection. Sikandar gives blood to Kulfi. Amayra hugs Lovely and says she does not want Kulfi to die. Sikandar returns after donating blood and goes to the temple. Sikandar and Tevar together pray for Kulfi. Amayra also goes to temple to pray. Lovely looks on. Kulfi’s heart beat stops.

Precap: Sikandar sings in front of Goddess