Kulfi Kumar Bajewala 30th November 2018 written update written episode

Sikandar and Tevar sing in front of Goddess praying for Kulfi. Amayra also cries and prays for Kulfi. Kulfi’s heartbeat stops. Doctor tells the other doctor that they failed to save the child. Kulfi goes to heaven and meets Nimrit. Kulfi asks Nimrit why she is running away from her. Kulfi tells Nimrit that she lied to her the last time as Sikandar read the diary and handed her to Tevar but Tevar is not her real father. Nimrit tells Kulfi that she will never meet her again. Nimrit asks Kulfi to look through the eyes of her heart and she will find her father. Sikandar continues to pray. Kulfi gets her breath back. Nurse comes and tells everyone that operation is successful and Kulfi is saved. Nurse says that Kulfi’s father can meet her. Sikandar and Tevar rush to meet her. Amayra sees this and feels bad. Sikandar and Tevar meet the doctor and thank her for saving Kulfi.

Kulfi and Tevar move in with Sikandar

Sikandar and Tevar both enter Kulfi’s room. Kulfi sees Sikandar and Tevar together and asks if they have ended their fight. Sikandar says sorry to Tevar as he did not know it was his song. Tevar says there was a misunderstanding. Sikandar and Tevar patch up and Kulfi gets happy. Lovely cries and eats chocolates in tension. Amayra asks what she will do now as Sikandar has got Kulfi back. Sikandar enters the house with Kulfi and Tevar. Tevar tells Sikandar that Lovely will not like them staying there. Sikandar says that it is his house and he does not care what Lovely thinks. Amayra and Lovely see them and get shocked. Later, Amayra gets distressed and screams and shouts. Lovely asks Amayra to calm down. Amayra asks Lovely to get Kulfi out of the house at any cost. Sikandar puts Kulfi in bed. Tevar says that it is his mistake as he did not pay attention to her injury. Kulfi asks Sikandar why he did not put her in her old room. Sikandar says that he will take decision about where she stays. Lovely comes there and tells Sikandar to come with her. Sikandar says he will come later. Tevar asks him to go as he will take care of Kulfi. Lovely takes Sikandar to her room and taunts Sikandar for getting her ex-boyfriend to her house. Lovely tells Sikandar that he is doing all this for a girl who is not related to him. Lovely asks Sikandar why he did not consult her before getting them here. Sikandar says that he would have spoken to her if she had not done all the manipulations. Lovely walks out of the room and tells Sikandar that she is going to tell Tevar that Kulfi is not his daughter and Amayra is his daughter.

Precap: Tevar comes to Sikandar and asks him to take Amayra’s swear and tell him whether Kulfi is his daughter or not.