Kulfi Kumar Bajewala 5th November 2018 Written Update Written Episode

Sikandar thinks that Kulfi has got admission and now she should get so involved in studies that she should forget about going to Chiroli. Sikander tells Tevar that they should do a party. Kulfi says that she does not want to do any party as she wants to go to Chiroli. Sikandar gets tensed. Tevar says that he has booked the flight but the flight has got missed. Kulfi gets annoyed and says that Tevar is breaking his promise. Tevar says he will take her tomorrow. Kulfi is angry and Sikandar tries to pacify her but Amayra stops him. Later, Amayra tells Lovely that they failed as Kulfi has got admission. Amayra says that Kulfi wants to go to Chiroli. Lovely hears this and gets tensed.

Kulfi returns from Chiroli

Lovely goes to Sikandar and tells him that they cannot let Kulfi go to Chiroli. Sikander scolds Lovely and blames her for breaking two families. Sikandar goes to Tevar’s house and Akkad Bakkad tell him that Tevar has taken Kulfi to Chiroli. Sikandar gets tensed. Kulfi is very happy that Tevar is taking her to Chiroli. Kulfi feels sad thinking that Tevar will be heartbroken knowing that he is not her father. Kulfi feel sad thinking that there will be heartbroken knowing that he is not her father. Cutie calls up Nihalo. Sikandar is tensed. Tevar and Kulfi reach Chiroli and Kulfi gets very happy and excited. All the village people come to meet Kulfi. Tevar tells the villagers that he is Kulfi’s father. Kulfi runs towards her house and calls out to her uncle Sattu. Kulfi gets shocked seeing a lock on her uncle’s door. Kulfi asks her neighbor where is her family and the neighbor says that they were at home till morning but they have gone away somewhere. Kulfi tells Tevar to wait as they will come back soon. Lovely meets her father and her father asks her not to be tensed as he will handle everything. Lovely’s father tells her that they have given Nihalo enough money and will make sure that she does not open her mouth to Tevar. Lovely’s father also tells her that he will get Tevar out of her life. Sikandar calls up Mohender and asks him why he has gone away to Pune at this time when he needs him. Sikandar gets emotional and Mohender realizes that he is not ok. Kulfi thinks about her mother and get sad. Tevar tells Kulfi that he knows her pain of losing a mother. Kulfi tells Tevar that she will not go anywhere tell her uncle comes back. Tevar says that he will go to the market and try to look for her uncle and aunty. Tevar gives his phone to Kulfi. Sikandar calls on Tevar’s number and Kulfi takes the call but she does not speak. Kulfi thinks she will talk to Sikandar once she comes to know about her father. Sikandar is worried about Kulfi. Amayra comes to Sikandar and tells him that they will go for Diwali shopping. Sikandar tell Amayra that he is not in the mood for shopping today. Amyra tell Sikandar that if Kulfi had asked him to come for shopping he would have gone. Sikandar gets sad and tries to pacify Amayra. Lovely comes there and tells Amayra that Sikandar has never accompanied them for shopping and she should not ask him to come along as he will never come. Lovely takes away Amayra and Sikander goes after her as he thinks that he cannot keep breaking Amayra’s heart. Kulfi comes to Sikandar’s house.

Precap: Sikandar asks Kulfi what happened and what did Sattu say.