Kulfi Kumar Bajewala 8th November 2018 Written Update Written Episode

Kulfi tells Tevar not to buy her such an expensive gift. Tevar asks her not to worry about expense. Tevar chooses a Payal and Amayra likes it and Kulfi likes the one Sikandar choses. Sikandar makes Amayra wear Payal and Tevar makes Kulfi wear the Payal. Amayra asks Lovely to pick a diamond ring for herself. Lovely refuses but Amayra and Kulfi insist Sikandar to buy something for Lovely. Jeweler gives a diamond ring. Sikandar gives the gift to Lovely. Amayra insists Sikandar to make Lovely wear the ring. Sikandar bends on his knees and makes Lovely wear the ring. Tevar gets uncomfortable. Amayra plays a song and makes Sikandar and Lovely dance. Tevar and Kulfi also dance. Sikandar dances with Amayra. Tevar falls in trap

Lovely gets happy. Amayra thinks that Tevar and Kulfi don’t know the truth and therefore she can be friends with Kulfi. Kulfi and Amayra dance together. Next morning, Sikandar gifts fire crackers to Kulfi and Amayra. Amayra gets happy. Kulfi is sad and tells Sikandar that she has never burst crackers before and always thought that her father would buy her crackers. Sikandar asks Kulfi to think that he is her father for one day. Kulfi laughs and tells Sikandar that she has earlier imagined him as her father. Kulfi asks Sikandar to keep this as a secret. Lovely’s father tells Sikandar to organize card party at his house as he has called industry people. Kulfi and other family members do Diwali preparations and Kulfi sings and dances with everyone. Later, Kulfi talks to her mother and says that she is very happy about Diwali celebrations. Tevar comes there and makes Kulfi wear bangles. Kulfi gets excited seeing the bangles. Kulfi and Tevar dance in happiness. Precap: Lovely’s father defeats Tevar in card game