Kulfi Kumar Bajewala 9th November 2018 Written Update Written Episode

Sikandar makes a hairstylist for Amayra and Amayra asks her to do it quickly as she has to burst the first cracker before Kulfi. Tevar gives fire crackers to Kulfi and asks masterji to make sure Kulfi bursts the first fire cracker. Amayra meets Kulfi and Kulfi tells her to burst the cracker first. A boy named Raj comes and calls the two girls losers and says he will light the first cracker. A man named Batra comes to Sikandar’s house and gets happy seeing Tevar and Sikandar together. Batra says they will drink alcohol and Sikandar refuses thinking about Kulfi. Amayra and Kulfi burst the first cracker and Raj takes revenge by bursting noisy crackers. The dog and cow get scared and Kulfi gets worried for them. Batra tells Sikandar that they will play cards. Sikandar says that he does not want to gamble. Lovely says that Tevar is good at Teen Patti. Tevar refuses. Lovely’s father and Batra instigate Tevar to gamble. Kulfi asks the other kids to burst crackers which have light but not the ones which make noise. Tevar gambles with Lovely’s father and Batra.

Tevar in financial trouble

Raj says that he will only burst bombs. Kulfi and Amayra spoil Raj’s bomb and he gets sad. Tevar shows Lovely’s father his cards and says that he has won. Lovely’s father tells him that he has lost. Tevar keeps losing to Lovely’s father. Lovely’s father taunts Tevar as he tries to end the game. Lovely’s father taunts Tevar for not having money and living in debt. Tevar says that he will fulfil all his debts singing few songs. Batra tells Tevar that he is not recording any songs since the time he has got his daughter. Tevar gets instigated and agrees to play the next round of gambling but Sikander stop him and takes him away. Lovely’s father says that he made Tevar famous but Tevar is going against him as he has got Sikandar’s support. Later, Sikandar and other family members do Pooja together and also talk to Mohender on video call. Later, Sikandar Kulfi Amayra and Tevar make all servants and helpers eat food on dining table. Lovely sees them and tells her father to end their friendship or else she will fall in trouble. Lovely’s father says that he will ruin them after Diwali celebrations get over. Next day, Kulfi goes to school but none of the children want to be friends with her. Kulfi gets sad remembering Lovely’s words.

Precap: Tevar calls up Batra and Batra tells him that he has no song for him. Kulfi returns home and asks for Tevar but he is not at home.