Kullfi Kumar Bajewala 12th November 2018 Written Update Written Episode

Kullfi enters her class and tries to make new friends but no one wants to be friends with her. Kulfi wakes up and realizes it is a dream and she gets scared. Next morning, Tevar gets Kulfi ready for school and tells her that today she will get new books in school. Tevar gets a call asking him to come for a meeting. Tevar says he cannot come as he has to drop his daughter to school. Kulfi asks Tevar to go for his meeting. Tevar agrees and calls up Sikandar and asks him if he can drop Kulfi to school. Sikandar agrees for it. Sikandar gets Amayra ready for school. Lovely asks Sikandar why does he have to drop Kulfi to school. Sikandar does not answer. Lovely tries to instigate Amayra against Kulfi. Sikandar takes Amayra and Kulfi to school. Amayra tells Kulfi that Sikandar never dropped her to school on her first day. Amayra asks Sikandar to help her revise photosynthesis. Sikandar helps Amayra. Kulfi is amazed.

Kulfi’s school trouble begins

Tevar goes for meeting with producer. Producer tells him that his contract is cancelled. Producer tells Tevar that he is spending too much time with his daughter and has no time for work. Tevar tells him that he cannot end his contract as he has a 5 year time period. Producer says that he can go to any other producer. Tevar gets angry and leaves. Producer calls up Chadda and tells him that his work is done. Sikandar gives new books to Kulfi. Kulfi gets tensed and hugs Sikandar. Kulfi goes towards her class being tensed. Sikandar wonders why Kulfi is not excited to go to her class. Sikandar decides to wait near school for some time till Kulfi gets settled. Kulfi meets some kids who make fun of her name. Kulfi enters her class and all kids laugh at her. Teacher enters and takes attendance and Kulfi answers in Hindi and teacher scolds her for talking in Hindi. Teacher gives instructions in English and Kulfi cannot understand. Kulfi opens the wrong book and teacher scolds Kulfi and sends her out of class. Kulfi comes out of class and Sikandar sees her crying. Sikandar asks Kulfi what happened. Kulfi says that teacher sent her out as she did not understand the subjects. Watchman asks Sikandar to go away as he is not allowed to talk to student in school hours. Sikandar goes away but writes names of subjects on his t-shirt to make Kulfi understand which subjects she has. Kulfi returns to her class and apologizes to teacher and joins the class. Kulfi writes down her homework in her book. One student rubs off the board and Kulfi gets tensed.

Precap: Kulfi tells Amayra that teacher has asked her to complete three months studies in three days. Amayra tells Lovely about this and Lovely gets happy. Lovely picks up Amayra from school but she does not take Kulfi along and Amayra gets worried for Kulfi. Kulfi waits for someone to pick her from school.