Kullfi Kumar Bajewala 3rd December 2018 written update written episode

Sikandar asks Lovely what is she going to do. Lovely tells Sikandar that she will tell Tevar that Kulfi is not his daughter and Amayra is his daughter. Lovely says that she does not care about her reputation anymore. Lovely warns Sikandar that Kulfi and Tevar have to be out of the house by next morning. Amayra cries thinking her perfect family is broken. Amayra thinks that Tevar is her friend and she will ask him to go away and he will listen to her. Amayra goes to Kulfi’s room and sees Tevar taking care of Kulfi. Amayra thinks that Tevar will be heartbroken knowing that Kulfi is not his daughter and is Sikander’s daughter. Amayra thinks that Kulfi will have to leave the house. Sikandar is angry and frustrated and thinks to tell Tevar the truth before Lovely tells him. Sikandar goes towards Tevar’s room. Lovely talks to her father on the phone and asks him to do something to get Kulfi and Tevar out of her house.

Tevar leaves forever

Tevar sees Amayra at the door and Amayra goes to speak to him. Amayra says she has to tell him something very important. Sikandar also comes there and Amayra stops seeing Sikandar there. Sikandar asks Amayra to leave as he has to talk to Tevar. Sikandar tells Tevar he has to talk something important to him. Amayra goes out and tells Lovely that Sikandar wants to speak something important to Tevar. Lovely gets scared. Sikandar is about to tell Tevar but Lovely comes there. Lovely takes Sikandar aside and begs him not to tell Tevar anything. Lovely asks Sikandar not to say anything for Amayra’s sake. Lovely takes Sikandar away and Tevar is confused. Tevar wonders what Sikandar wanted to say and thinks to find out. Sikandar and Lovely fight and Amayra hears this and gets tensed. Amayra thinks she will tell Kulfi everything and end the matter. Chaddha meets Tevar and asks him why he is living in Sikandar and Lovely’s house. Tevar taunts Chadda for trying to break all relations. Cutie tells Tevar that Sikandar is a lair and his lies have made Lovely speak more lies. Chaddha stops Cutie from saying anything else. Amayra goes to Kulfi’s room and wakes her up. Kulfi asks Amayra why she is here in the middle of the night. Amayra tells Kulfi that her parents are fighting because of her. Amayra says that they all lived happily before she came. Amayra says that they are not happy anymore. Amayra says that her mother is upset because of her. Chadda tells Cutie that she should control herself and she cannot tell Tevar the truth that Kulfi is not his daughter. Chaddha tells Cutie that if Tevar comes to know that Kulfi is not his daughter then he will come to know that Amayra is his daughter. Tevar hears all this and gets shocked. Amayra asks Kulfi to leave along with her father or else no one will be able to live happily. Tevar thinks about his past confrontation with Cutie. Kulfi hugs Tevar and tells him that she has to say something very important. Tevar asks Kulfi to go and rest. Kulfi says she wants to go back to her house. Tevar goes away and meets Sikandar. Tevar asks Sikandar to take a swear on Amayra and tell him whether Kulfi is his daughter or not.

Precap: Kulfi looks around for Tevar and asks Sikandar where is he. Sikandar says that he has gone away and will never come back.