Kumkum Bhagya 11th August 2017 Written Episode Update

The Episode starts with Munni eating kheer secretly. Mitali asks her hat she is doing? Munni says she is tasting kheer and tells that Tai ji was eating it. Mitali says if she eats kheer, then what she will serve to everyone. Munni says Dadi is having diabetes, Dasi is on dieting, Raj and Taya ji don’t eat it. Mitali says she wants to eat. Munni asks her to eat with her. Mitali gets happy and says we will become cousin sisters.

Purab thinks how to save Disha from Sangram Singh. His innerself comes and tells Purab that Sangram Singh’s men will not leave him, and says if you have loved her then you would have marry her, but you loves Bulbul. Purab says he can’t marry her but will help her elope and she can work in Mumbai. His inner self asks if he wants to make her live alone and suffocate.

He asks him to marry Disha and save her. Purab says how can I marry her? Innerself says you loves Bulbul, and can’t give her place to anyone, and asks if Bulbul asked you not to marry anyone. He asks him not to marry Disha and go and enjoy his life. He asks him to become great in his eyes, and let that girl’s life ruined, nobody will tell you anything. Purab thinks about Bulbul….and breaks the mirror recalling Disha. He thinks he will marry Disha and can’t lose her like he lost Bulbul.

Aaliya takes Tanu to room. She says until Munni proves bad infront of Abhi, we can’t do anything. Tanu blames Aaliya for thinking about Purab and marriage. Aaliya thinks she is right, I don’t care if Bhai don’t marry Tanu once I marry Purab.

Purab wears Sangram Singh’s sherwani. Goons call Sangram Singh. Purab thinks to hide Sangram. The goons think something is wrong and breaks the door. They see the groom and think Sangram is there. They tell that they will kill Purab till he marries Disha. They take him to mandap. Purab comes and sits on mandap. Bua asks pandit to start mantras. Pandit ji starts the mantras. Purab thinks how to tell Disha that I am here. Pandit ji asks him to forward his left hand and asks Disha too. Purab thinks what happened to Disha. Disha is sitting shocked. She gives her hand in his hand. She thinks how his hard hand became soft. Sangram Singh gets up and thinks to beat Purab after his marriage. He then falls down again and gets unconscious.

Aaliya thinks now nobody can separate her with Purab and thinks to talk to Munni and asks her to convince Abhi. Abhi thinks why did Purab take this contract, and thinks he shall see any horror film to do this music contract. Aaliya comes there and tells Abhi that she came to talk to Pragya. Abhi asks what is the matter and asks her not to call him Bhai. Aaliya says she knows to call her Bhai only.She asks him to get her married to Purab. Abhi asks if Purab is a toy which I shall give you. He says that matter ended. Aaliya says I love Purab, if he comes to my life then I will get better. I want to change for him. Abhi refuses. Aaliya says I want to become suitable for him.

Purab asks Disha to stay silent and tells her that if anyone sees him then he will be killed before her doli goes. Aaliya traps Abhi and asks him to make her marry Purab and says she genuinely loves him.