The Episode starts with Abhi telling Pragya that he knows that there is a bomb in the guitar and asks her to give it to him. Pragya thinks she wants to save his life and runs holding the guitar. Pragya comes near the cliff and throws the guitar. Simonika pushes her and pretends as if she tried to save her. Seeing Abhi coming there, she acts innocent. Pragya holds the tree branches or something and shouts for help. Abhi comes there. Pragya asks him to go. He says if I don’t save you then you will die. He manages to pull her back. Pragya gets unconscious. Dadi and Dasi pray for Pragya thinking her to be Munni and say we thought her wrong. Aaliya and Tanu get irked. Aaliya says she became Mother India in everyone’s eyes. Tanu says Dadi and Dasi are doubtful that she is Pragya. Aaliya says you would

have told me and tells that they have to make Munni as Pragya, before their doubt gets sure. She says we have to tell Doctor to increase shock frequency and make her in consciousness. Simonika thinks if Pragya realizes that I have pushed her then…She then thinks to wait until she gets consciousness. Pragya wakes up and sees Abhi sleeping on chair. She is thankful to God that Abhi is saved.

Simonika peeps in the room and says if Munni exposes me then. She is caught by Dadi. Dadi asks her why she was peeping inside Abhi’s room. Abhi wakes up and tells Pragya that he will check outside. He comes out and asks Dadi why is she scolding Simonika. Dadi tells him that Simonika was peeping in the room. Dadi says we are more worried than you. Abhi says Simonika ran behind Munni as if she wanted to take her life. He says she saved her. Abhi says Pragya got consciousness. Dadi tells Pragya that she has won her heart. She says you might not get place on dining table but got place in my heart, and blesses her. Purab says you would have told me. Pragya says then your life would have been in danger. Dasi asks why did you risk your life. Pragya says I did what I thought right. Disha says you are an ideal for us and can’t do anything wrong. Dadi blesses her. Mitali says when I saw you holding gun, you looked like killer and then when you took guitar, you looked like super woman.

Purab asks Abhi what is going on in his mind. Abhi says he is confused between his heart and mind, and says if she is Pragya then why don’t she hug me and tell that she is my Pragya. Why don’t she tell me about her problem. Purab says may be there is some helplessness which is stopping her. Abhi says she knows that I can’t live without you. Simonika is about to shoot her man and asks how can you let Khan run. Man asks her to kill him, but don’t call him traitor. Simonika leaves him with a slap and says Pragya is my biggest enemy and saves Abhi every time. She says I can’t kill him until she is with him. She says why she is risking her life to save Abhi.

Abhi asks Pragya if she is Pragya. Pragya is silent. Pragya tells Simonika that Khan Chacha told her that there is a girl behind the bomb plant, and tells that he had seen her. Simonika gets tensed.