Kundali Bhagya 22nd January 2018 Written Episode Update: Preeta And Family Celebrate Lori With Luthras

Sarla complements Bee ji as she comes out ready. Prithvi rings the door bell, it was Janki who opens the door. Prithvi was nervous watching Janki and greets Sarla. Sarla sends him to get Preeta from room by himself. Janki thinks she wonders why this man is always afraid to see her.
In the room, Shrishti tells Preeta what happened to her judgment. Prithvi and Sherlin suit each other well, and Karan is perfect for Preeta. Karan is always there to help her. Preeta qualifies Prithvi also comes to help, but Shrishti says he is always late. Prithvi had reached at the door. Preeta says they were discussing about them. Prithvi says he heard what Shrishti said, he saves her at the right time. He says Karan has a huge share in saving her, he got the footage with much difficulty but the else was Karan

and Pragya’s effort. Shrishti and Preeta were impressed by Prithvi and leave. Prithvi smirks thinking he won’t let Shrishti’s dreams come true.
Kareena comes out ready in Punjabi attire. Sherlin complements her personality to carry everything. Kareena discuss with Sherlin that they have a class, but unluckily have to meet people like Preeta and Sherlin. Sherlin smiles as Prithvi arrives with Preeta. Kareena scolds her, but Sherlin says it wasn’t by heart.
Dadi scolds Preeta to stop right there. She tells Preeta that she is a doctor, then why she didn’t hold her insult as a disgrace to herself. Why she again came to their house? Preeta says even her own grandmother have treated her the way she did. Dadi loves Karan a lot, and it was her own mistake. Dadi apologizes Preeta as she shouldn’t have behaved so badly to her. They hug each other. Sherlin was curt that these Luthra’s wish to do pooja of Preeta. Rakhi brings Aarti thaal for Preeta, as they owe her a lot for her sacrifice; and that Preeta holds a place greater than any daughter, or daughter in law of the house. Sherlin comes to take Rakhi to welcome the guests. Dadi says they have insulted Preeta in ways she didn’t deserve; they must apologize Preeta and Sherlin must also. Prithvi nods at Sherlin, she finally says sorry. Shrishti asks her to speak a little louder. Sherlin repeats loudly. Preeta says its ok. Sherlin thinks there was no honesty in this apology, and will continue hurting her. Preeta thinks Sherlin must have said this by heart.
The men stood at a corner, Mahesh was happy and boastful to see Rakhi. Karan teases him by complaining to Rakhi that Mahesh stared at someone else. Rakhi was confident Mahesh never puts an eye over another lady when she is there. Rishab goes to take a call.
Later during the event, Preeta watches Rishab lost in her thoughts. She looks again to see Karan there mesmerized by Preeta. A girl passes by Preeta, she thinks he must be complementing this hot girl. Mahesh complements Preeta, Rishab seconds him. Rakhi says there must be something in Preeta that Rishab complemented her, else he didn’t even appreciate Sherlin. Rishab complements Sherlin as well. Karan says Preeta isn’t pretty, she only good with makeup. Actually Shrishti is natural beauty. Preeta taunts that Karan doesn’t like girls with brains, he only likes girls agreeing with him. She spot him staring a hot girl just right now.
Rakhi says Karan doesn’t understand the importance of Lori only because of his habits. She says when she was engaged to Mahesh her mother told her the importance of taking rounds around the pure fire, with the vows for spending life with each other. Sarla says Preeta and Prithvi will take the vows together.

PRECAP: Karan asks Preeta how she even thought he would flirt another girl when Preeta is around? Preeta was quizzical. Karan says he also believes she looks beautiful today.