Kundali Bhagya 25th January 2018 Written Episode Update: Janki Gets Flashes From Prithvi-Sherlin Being Together

Preeta fumes over Karan for calling her his girlfriend which Janki also heard.
Sherlin gets her foot burnt by the same log while taking the rounds with Rishab. Rishab takes her aside and goes to get the ointment. Prithvi comes to Sherlin and asks if it was a deliberate act? Janki was staring at them and has a recollection from the past where she had seen them together. She gets unconscious.
In the room, Preeta calls the doctor to Luthra house. Sarla, Shrishti and Prithvi were in the hall. Kareena was cursing Arora’s again because they spoilt their party. Mahesh says Kareena needs to change her thinking about Preeta, as they owe her and her family a lot. Preeta comes downstairs with Karan and Rishab. Bee ji says there is some connection between her memory and the fire. Prithvi speaks

if she would remember everything then? Sarla nods. Rishab says her brain must have got under pressure being close to this fire, Shrishti says she might also remember now how Kumkum Bhagya hall got the fire. The doctor arrives. Dadi notices Prithvi was tensed and was sweating badly. He smiles that it feels a little hot here. Bee ji gets a cough, Preeta goes to get water.
Karan comes to Preeta in the kitchen and finds her a water bottle. He taunts that Preeta can’t see what’s easily visible. Preeta tells Karan that he is an alien and came from an outside world. Rishab comes in the kitchen and again finds them arguing. When Preeta has left, Rishab tells Karan that sometimes we aren’t able to express our love to our loved ones because of the circumstances. Karan says he always hear what his heart says; being thoughtful is only Rishab’s department.
Sherlin comes to Prithvi worried about Janki. Prithvi says he could sense from her stare that she will cause some trouble. Sherlin tells him to calm down, they are actually guilty and are afraid. Prithvi tells Sherlin that she has seen them together twice today, and being near to fire she must have stressed her mind. Sherlin says she never wanted Janki aunty to get in such a bad condition. Kareena comes to ask Sherlin why she is taking so much tension about a servant. Prithvi tells Kareena that even for him Janki is like a family member. Kareena says if it’s really so he must go and take care of her inside, why speaking to Sherlin out here. When Prithvi has left, Kareena suggests Sherlin to go and pretend taking care of Janki inside. Rakhi would like it.
The family was concerned about Janki. The doctor says he needs to conduct a few test to know about her reason. She is already conscious. Everyone was relieved while the doctor leaves. Rishab turns to see Prithvi and Sherlin walk into the hall together, he wonders what they are doing together out there. Kareena appears from behind relieving Rishab.
Everyone comes to meet Janki in the room. Janki wasn’t able to reply to any of their concerns, Shrishti asks them to let her reply first. Janki joins hands in thankfulness. Karan asks if Janki was unconscious after watching the fire. Janki says she had seen them both together, they were behind the fire and points her finger towards Sherlin and Prithvi.

PRECAP: Prithvi suggest Sherlin about sending a Pandit to Luthra’s house who will give the nearest date for her wedding with Rishab. Someone enters the room them.