Kundali Bhagya 29th January 2018 Written Episode Update: Janki’s Memory Recollects

Karan sat in his bed and watched Preeta’s photo saying she is simple beyond level. He thinks this is Preeta’s simplicity that makes her different from others. He thinks about calling her, then rejects the idea. He thinks Janki knows something about Prithvi for sure. He is sure there is something wrong about Prithvi. He wish Janki’s memory had recalled.
Janki fell on the floor in the kitchen and gets her memory back. She says Prithvi and Sherlin are betraying Preeta and Rishab. Janki accuses Prithvi and Sherlin and as they attempt to resist the Luthra and Arora’s beat them both badly. Sherlin wakes up from nightmare; Prithvi asks why she is afraid. Sherlin was fearful and shares her dream with Prithvi. Prithvi was irritated that she is crazy and must stop this nonsense.

thinks Preeta is unaware of Prithvi’s reality, she must now unveil the real face of Prithvi and Sherlin before they ruin her life. She leaves home right away.
Karan decides to speak to Janki about Prithvi. He wears a good combination of dress else Preeta would joke about him in the shorts; then decides to leave in whatever he was wearing.
Janki walks into Preeta’s room and tries to wake her up. Preeta doesn’t get up. Janki thinks that Preeta and Shrishti are like her own girls, she won’t spare Prithvi and Sherlin to ruin their lives. She will teach Prithvi a lesson by himself.
Karan goes to kitchen to look for something to eat. Rishab was looking into the cabinets and says he couldn’t find Laddu in the whole kitchen. Karan brings about an apple, Rishab cuts it for him. Karan asks about Prithvi, Rishab says he is a nice guy. Karan thinks Rishab is only saying this because of him, else he has no information. As Karan turns to go outside making up for a walk Rishab accompanies him.
Sherlin was unable to sleep and feared what if Janki’s memory recalls. She was afraid of being disgraced by Preeta and Shrishti. Janki reaches Prithvi’s house and knocks at the door, and rings door bell. Sherlin hears Janki’s call and tries to wake Prithvi up in bed but he doesn’t move. Janki was calling from outside that his time has now ended. Sherlin decides that her nightmare cannot be true and goes to check at the door. Before she could reach the main door Janki had decided to leave for Sherlin’s house as Prithvi must not be home. At the main door, Sherlin curses herself for assuming things that never happened. She was about to shut the door when Janki pushes it. He asks Sherlin why is she awestruck. Sherlin murmurs that it must be a nightmare. Janki says this is the reality, and they must be afraid as she now knows what they had done to her. Janki holds a vase and asks if she would continue her drama even if she hits her with the vase like Sherlin did? Sherlin thinks she has a memory recall. Janki says she is well aware they can take lives to hide their devilish acts; but she is alive only to unveil their true faces. She asks Sherlin to go to her lover. Sherlin attempts to snatch the vase but Janki was alert and defends herself well, warning Sherlin not to act cunning this time.

PRECAP: Janki held the vase at Prithvi and Sherlin and suggests a punishment for Prithvi and Sherlin. Sherlin tries to defend themselves against Janki but she pulls a stabber and places it over Sherlin’s neck.