Prithvi was worried how he must get away from Shrishti, if she gets him he won’t even be able to lie to her. She was on her way when the driver brings the change to her by himself. Shrishti goes the other way later. Prithvi thinks how she boasted about Karan saving Preeta from fire, and says now she will witness how Karan was turned to a zero from hero. In the police station, Shrishti asks about Karan Luthra. The inspector asks her introduction, she boastfully says she is the number one fan. The inspector was furious as only family was allowed inside. Shrishti says she came to meet her brother in law, she is Preeta’s sister. The inspector allows her inside. Preeta cries hugging her. Rishab was crying. Shrishti was emotional as she watches Karan behind the bars. They were thinking what to do

next, when the media comes inside.
The media creates a hype of matter, blaming Karan for taking drugs and asks since when is he used to taking drugs. Rishab tries to send the reporters away, unprepared for the forced news. He has an argument and fight with the media reporters, and beats one. Police only watched this standing behind.
Rakhi and Dadi were enjoying juice together. Dadi tells her to go and spend some time with her daughter in law, soon Rakhi is going to be her place. Kareena and Sherlin come there to inform that Sherlin is going home. Dadi stops Sherlin to gift her something and takes Rakhi with her. Kareena advises Sherlin to accept whatever her mother gifts her. She gets a call and leaves. Sherlin gets a call from Prithvi who gives her the good news. He asks Sherlin if Luthra’s are convinced with her story. He further tells Sherlin to turn the television on, she will soon find out what Prithvi has done here at the police station. Kratika comes worried, and tells them to turn the television on. In the news, Rishab was shown arguing and trying to prevent the reporters and media create false news about Karan. Sherlin smirks watching Luthra’s name getting filthier. Mahesh joins the family and was worried.
The inspector sends his sub to hold Rishab back while media was allowed to further sensationalize the news. The media blames Rishab and Karan both. The family was worried, Dadi faints while Rakhi cries badly.
There, the police sends Rishab to lock up while the media reporters were allowed to sensationalize the news. Rishab clutches the neck of a reporter. The inspector sends the media outside, and shouts that both the brothers will now rot in the police station.
At home, Mahesh says they will wait for Rishab, he will handle the situation. Kareena says Rishab must have asked them before creating such a drama. Mahesh shouts at her to cut the all right away, the situation there is already tensed but Rishab is sensible. Kareena later complains to Sherlin that she only wanted to speak to Rishab but Mahesh only got furious. Sherlin says she felt bad for Kareena but soon Mahesh will come to her, like he went after his wife. Kareena goes away upset. Sherlin thinks when she came into this family, everyone here was so happy. They were way too positive, but soon she will turn it into a desserted place. She and Prithvi will have their dreams come true.
Rakhi was badly crying in the room and requests Mahesh to get her sons back home. Mahesh was assures that police only had a misunderstand and promises they will get Karan out of jail.
In the lock up, Karan was in a light mood and teases Rishab. He says Rishab only came in to accompany him. Rishab says whenever Karan is in a problem, he can’t bear this. He is worried about Karan’s career. Karan assures he will soon be out, and Rishab here is boasting his confidence. Rishab wonders who gave this news to media. Karan says he is the hero of Mumbai and got a fame. Rishab asks when he would be serious. Karan says when Rishab would laugh in such a situation, actually someone told him that staying happy is healthy. He asks Rishab if lawyer is of any use. Rishab replies it doesn’t appear to be.

PRECAP: Sarla pleads the inspector to leave Rishab. He didn’t commit a crime, and was only furious in love of his brother.