Rakhi tells Sherlin she doesn’t want any misunderstanding between them. She only came upstairs to take her here to clarify the matters. The matter started with Karan’s arrest and ended at her boyfriend. She must tell her if she likes someone else, she will help her with the matter. Sherlin denies the matter. She says Preeta hates her and has filled everyone’s heart with poison. Rakhi says Preeta must have a misunderstanding that will soon be cleared. Sherlin tells Rakhi she was speaking to herself in the room, and poses to have a head ache. Rakhi holds her downstairs. Everyone stared at Sherlin, she recalls she had to keep everyone indulged here. She poses to fell off unconscious. Everyone was worried. Rakhi calls for a glass of water. Rishab sprinkles water over her face. Kareena asks Sherlin

if she is fine. Sherlin begins to cry and apologizes for causing such problem to them all. Preeta always hated her, she blamed her and brought them all such stress. Rishab says everything can be cleared by proving oneself. Sherlin says she never thought such doubts would exist between them. Kareena blames Preeta for whatever is happening. Karan is in jail and there are doubts between Rishab and Sherlin today. Even Rishab insists he won’t trust Sherlin without watching the footage. Kratika says Preeta would never lie to create differences between Rishab and Sherlin, they must watch the CCTV footage. Sherlin blames Kratika to always like Preeta. Rishab shouts at Sherlin to stay silent, if he has a problem to come to Club he would break the relation with her right away. Mahesh silently asks Rishab what he feels for Preeta that he is able to break his engagement with Sherlin. Rishab says he respects Preeta a lot, there is no doubt over what Preeta says. He can’t bear she insults Preeta repeatedly. He wants to clarify Preeta would always be his friend. He goes out to wait for them all.
In the Club, Prithvi wonders if there are even CCTV cameras in the hall. He spots a waiter and asks him about CCTV room; he is from police department and handling Karan Luthra’s drug case.
In the car, Sherlin notices Rishab’s expression and thinks they are clearly showing he wish Preeta comes out to be true. She is sure Prithvi would handle everything. Then wonders what she must do to get them late and poses to be nauseatic. She runs to a corner. Shrishti goes behind and asks how much acting she would do; she has only been making noises. Sherlin tells her to stay in limits, nothing was proved against her. Shrishti says it was only a sample; till the next fifteen minutes. She hands her a bottle of water, else her throat must be aching. Rishab asks Sherlin if she is fine. Shrishti tells him to hurry up and not waste time.
Prithvi introduces himself as a police inspector and asks the officer for CCTV footage. He fights with the officer over not to show his ID card. The officer says he will help him in investigations only if he shows the right documents to him. The officer decides this man can’t be from police department. Prithvi attacks the officer and goes towards the computer. The officer attempts to drag him out of the room but Prithvi instead pushes him outside and locks the door. The security guards call the team to break the door. Prithvi was working with the computer efficiently when the security team gets him. They bring him outside the Club, the security personnel says there is a party going on else he must have handed him to police.
Rishab hurries inside the Club. Shrishti also goes inside. Sherlin tells Preeta she is innocent, and Preeta would repent. Preeta tells Sherlin she doesn’t need do any drama in front of her, even kept a fast of Karwachot for him and let him break it as well. She is happy that she told the family about her reality, and today these CCTV cameras would reveal all the truth. Rishab comes to take them look for security official, as the manager doesn’t have necessary rights to show the CCTV footages. Sherlin tries Prithvi’s number but it goes busy. Shrishti comes to take her.
Rishab and others explain the security official about the matter. The officer wasn’t ready to show them the footage, as it’s against the rules. Preeta requests them to play the footage once; they won’t need a copy. Rishab and Preeta requests the official. Shrishti also tries to convince him. Mahesh comes in and assures Rishab they will watch the complete footage.

PRECAP: Preeta asks the officer to open the entrance folder. Later, Preeta tells Dadi she doesn’t wish Sherlin to marry Rishab because she isn’t worth him.