Laado 29th January 2018 Written Episode Update: Amma Ji Kills Balwant, While Yuvraj Kills Her

The Episode starts with a man coming to Balwant and tells that Amma ji took Rantej, Ranveer and Tej to Jungle while they were unconscious. Balwant thinks to end Amma ji for once and all. Anu asks Saroja if she is sure that he was Rantej. Saroja cries. Yuvraj gets Malhari’s call and she tells him that Amma ji has kidnapped her sons and Balwant went in their search. Yuvraj asks her not to worry and says nothing will happen to anyone. Anu asks what happened? Yuvraj tells Anu that her Amma ji has kidnapped his brothers and want to kill his entire family. Anu says I can stop her. Yuvraj says stop it and says it is enough of sympathy drama. Anu says she haven’t done anything till now, we have to search her before she do anything. Yuvraj says I don’t need your help to search my brothers. Anu thinks why Jhunki

will agree to risk her life for amma ji. Jaydev says she can do and tells that they are sad to see that her thinking is not like them. Anu says I am sad that I am her grand daughter.

Saroja asks her to shut up and tells that she has seen Amma ji’s journey from Amma ji to Bhagwani Devi. She says she got happiness being their dadi. Anu says she will not let her commit crime. Rantej and his brothers gain consciousness and see their hands hanged and pyre on ground. Amma ji throws kerosene oil on the pyre and says once you gets shot, you will fall down here. She says Janvi was dear to her, and says you will see how it feels when your younger brothers dies. Tej asks Rantej to save him. Rantej asks her to leave them and says your grand daughter said that law will punish us, and says our father will not leave you. Amma ji is about them, when Balwant comes there and cuts their rope. Rantej fights with Amma ji and asks his brothers to run. Balwant fights with her. Amma ji falls down and throws wood log on her. Amma ji keeps her leg on him and says she will kill him. Rantej and others run. Balwant throws sand in her eyes and runs. Rantej asks his brothers to run leaving Balwant.

Amma ji shoots at Balwant’s leg and he shoots. Yuvraj hears the bullet sound and is coming there. Rantej and his brothers see their car. Yuvraj hears Balwant’s shout. Rantej stops hearing Balwant’s voice, but Tej says he will come. They sit in car, but car don’t stop. Amma ji shoots at Balwant’s shoulder. Balwant manages to go near car, but his sons leave him to save their lives and leave while he tells them not to leave him. Balwant comes to the village and asks people to save him. Amma ji tells them that the man is a curse and shall be killed today. Balwant asks them not to leave him and says I am your sarpanch. They all run to their houses. Amma ji says you forgot Veerpur’s Amma ji so soon, I told that I will decide your future, will either smash you or kill you. She asks him to run. Anu comes there and asks what happened. A woman tells that Amma ji is hunting. Amma ji says my Janvi’s sacrifice will not go waste and says this bullet is for all those father who haven’t taught his sons to respect woman. She thinks about Janvi’s dream of Veerpur and shoots on his chest. Yuvraj reaches there and recalls his parents murder. Amma ji says now it is your sons turn now. Yuvraj throws a sharp knife. Amma ji starts walking. Anu calls her. Balwant dies. Villagers surround to see his death. Yuvraj stabs Amma ji on her back.

Anu asks Amma ji why her breath is high and asks her to come home. Amma ji says it is too late and falls down, dies. Anu sees Yuvraj holding sharp knife with Amma ji’s blood on it.