Last Epi – Karn Sangini 22nd February 2019 Written Episode Written Update

Krishna. He asks Arjun to shot Karn. Arjun is skeptical. Karn reminisces his cruse which he got from a Brahmin.
Krishna orders Arjun to shot Karn with Vajra Astra. Karn questions Krishna about the reason behind deceiving him. Krishna says Karn has been blessed with Moksha.
The diya blows off. Radha breaks down in tears. Urvi solaces Radha. Karn is taking his last breath. Urvi breaks down.
Kunti gets emotional. She is proud of Karn. Krishna praises Karn.
Kunti joins Karn. He is on the death bed. He forgives Kunti. Urvi is astounded to see Karn’s, golden heart.
A beggar knocks Karn’s door. He asks for gold. Urvi rushes to fetch some, but the beggar desires from Karn.
Karn breaks his gold tooth.
He shots arrow in the sky to cause rain and wash the blood dipped tooth. He hands it over to the beggar.
The beggar turns out to Krishna. He pronounces Karn to be the biggest giver. Arjun couldn’t control his tears.
Krishna points out that Karn has earned respect and only respect from society. Today, Karn’s biggest enemy is weeping on his death.
Karn asks Urvi to make sure that their child gets educated by Krishna.
Krishna shows Karn the way to Moksha.
The narrator shows that Karn and Urvi’s child gets trained by Krishna and rules Indraprasth.

Happy Ending