Maha Epi -Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 29th September 2018 Written Update Written Episode

Kartik takes Naira to Suwarna, near hospital temple. Everyone comes. Suwarna lies in Naira’s lap and cries. She says never forgive me, I did big mistake to misunderstand you, I filled wrong thoughts in everyone’s minds about you. Naira says no, forget it. Suwarna says no, I tried not to hurt my son, I have hurt him so much, I snatched his love. They cry. Suwarna says I have snatched his love, he cried and stayed lonely, I m very ashamed. Naira calms her down. Suwarna says I m very ashamed, I had gone mad, I had blamed you, maybe I was wrong and didn’t wish to accept my mistake, Rajshri was right. Fb shows the moments of Suwarna’s anger on Naira.

She apologizes to Naira. Naira says Kartik said he would also do this being in my place, we would have done this being in

your place, your pain is biggest, when someone dear goes, he takes a part of you along. Kartik consoles Suwarna and reminds how he was rude to Naira. Everyone pacifies Suwarna. Naira suddenly faints. Everyone rushes to her. They ask doctor what happened. Doctor says its normal, such thing happens, its medicine effect, she will be fine. Naira gets conscious and says my husband is hottie, so my breath will get up and down. Kartik smiles. Kirti feeds food to Naira. Lav and Kush also feed her. Kartik looks on. He says life is so strange, it doesn’t let us stay happy or sad, we forgot that Naira is ill, why is everything not fine. Lav asks can Naira have kachori. Kirti says no.

Naira says I want to have custard. Lav says you just had it, if you want more, you can tell us. Kirti stops Naksh. Naira gets worried. Kartik meets Dr. Vishal. He says we called Vishal for surgery, he will see Naira’s case. Vishal says we have to decide soon, we can’t delay. Kartik says I will take her to Singapore. Vishal says you can’t take her without my permission, Naira’s condition isn’t fine, we have to urgent tests and start medication. Kartik scolds him. He asks him to make Naira fine. Vishal says she is my patient, I will make her fine, hospital bills don’t matter to me, its not so easy for you to take her. He goes. Kartik says nothing can happen to Naira. Suwarna asks him to calm down.

Kartik worries and asks Suwarna to make Naira fine. Suwarna slaps him and asks him not to fall weak, just show courage from now on, be brave like Naira. Manish says yes, Naira needs a brave Kartik. Akhilesh asks how can we lose if she has kept courage. They all explain Kartik. He gets up and goes to Naira. Naksh, Kirti and kids leave. Kartik sees Naira and lies next to her. She says I ate custard, and I don’t remember. He says I m not custard. He jokes and makes her laugh. He asks her to go for tests. Naitik and Manish talk outside.

Manish says its good you stopped Suwarna from knowing this, that doctor said Naira’s condition is due to her stress since two years Suwarna would have considered herself responsible for this. Suwarna hears this and gets shocked. Kartik tells Naira about the tests. He recalls doctor asking him to send Naira for MRI test. Suwarna cries and curses herself. Rajshri and Devyaani console her and ask her not to fall weak. Suwarna says I didn’t lose, I will fight. She prays for Naira and keeps hand on diya. She asks Lord not to let anything happen to Naira. Naira refuses to go on wheelchair.

Kartik asks her to go for tests. She says I can walk, I won’t go on wheelchair. Naksh says I hope Naira is ready for tests, don’t know what tests will they do. Kirti says we are scared for just tests, what will we do for surgery. Lav and Kush come and ask them to talk to Naira. Naira says I will not go on wheelchair. Everyone discusses about Naira. Kartik lifts Naira and takes her. Pal ek pal….plays….. Everyone smiles seeing them. Manish says we should not comment on them, they are right and don’t think before doing this, could we do this. Naitik says love is strange, no one knows what it makes us do. Doctor checks Naira and does her tests. Kartik winks to her and makes her smile. Nurse says there are more tests. Kartik says we are not going anywhere.

They see MRI test preparations and worry. Kartik asks her to come. The nurse says she has left Kartik runs out and says Naira has run away from MRI room. They all look for Naira and feel maybe Naira is scared. Kartik finds Naira and asks her to come for tests. She says I m scared, I won’t go, I will get suffocated, try to understand. He asks her not to compel him to lift her. Kartik takes her. Everyone looks on and wish the test happen soon, so that surgeon can checks reports fast. Everyone cries seeing Naira scared. Naira cries and says no, I will go for blood tests, but not this. She asks Kartik not to send her inside the machine. She refuses. He hugs her and they cry.

Naira goes for tests. Her reports come. Everyone prays for Naira. Doctor checks reports. uwarna asks him to calm down.