Mahakaali 12th August 2017 Written Episode Update

Sati is getting burned, Daksh angrily looks at her, Sati falls down after burning… flashback ends. Shiv says that was end of Sati but every end is starting of new birth and this is how Parvati was born, Parvati says how is all this connected to Mahakali? Shiv says every start and end is connected to Mahakaal.. flashback shows Shiv crying and screaming in anger when suddenly Mahakali appears infront of him, he is stunned and says I disappointed you, Mahakali says this is not time to regret but to take action before start of end begins. Mahakali grows in size showing her power, she says I am Kaali, I have come to kill evil, I reign over bad people and control them, I am wrath on injustice. Shiv takes on power from her, he screams and throws away clip tucking his hair back, he starts

fire, he burns in fire and creates fearful Veerabhadra that is shadow of him and Kaali. Kaali looks at him. Shiv says you are with Kaali and me, you have come here to end evils, go and finish them, Veerabhadra leaves.

Veerabhadra arrives at Daksh’s palace, he screams and whole palace shudders. Priest says to Daksh that this end of your ego and anger. Daksh says I am Daksh and nobody can put me down, what he thought that he can marry my daughter? I destroyed his ego, he took away my daughter so I finished his wife.

Vishnu says to Daksh that Shiv’s wife was your daughter too, you failed as a father. Daksh says I did right thing, the daughter who puts her father down should be burned like that. Priest says Sati didnt insult her father but you have disappointed your father, if you have a little regret and fall in Shiv’s feet and ask for forgiveness otherwise the ego that made you end your daughter will get you killed too. Daksh says I am Daksh, I can never be wrong and nobody have guts to end me. Vishnu says you cant even hear whats coming for you, Shiv and Kaali’s creation Veerabhadra is coming to take your life. Veerabhadra comes out of Daksh’s palace, Daksh asks his soldiers to end him. Vishnu says if you want to save your life then apologize to Shiv for taking away Sati, Daksh says I will never bow down to him. Priest says then get ready to be killed, those who dont bow down, they get heads cut.
Veerabhadra starts killing Daksh’s soldiers. He doesnt let anyone go near him. One soldier comes to Daksh and says Veerabhadra has ended all army, I suggest.. Daksh says I dont want your suggestion, I have biggest power of this place. Daksh says to Vishnu that you promised to protect me so control Veerabhadra, you have to protect this place and society so stop that Veerabhadra, Vishnu looks on.
Veerabhadra is killing soldiers outside Daksh’s palace, Vishnu comes there. Veerabhadra says I know why you have come here but I have to fulfill Kaali’s order so dont come inbetween it, Vishnu says I am tied to my promise too, Veerabhadra says if I have to fight you? Vishnu says you do your work and I will follow my path. Vishnu attacks Veerabhadra and traps him. Kaali comes there and says who dared to stop Veerabhadra. Vishnu says I dont have any choice, I am tied to Daksh by a promise. Kaali says I have come to free to you too. Kaali frees Veerabhadra and says go on and punish everyone for Sati, tell them that whenever society tries to do injustice with a woman then they will have to bear the punishment, Veerabhadra goes in palace.
In palace, Daksh says I told you all that I have powerful person to protect me, there is no one who can finish Daksh like that. Daksh turns around and is shocked to see Veerabhadra standing there, he says to Vishnu that this cant be happening, you promised to protect me, Vishnu says I fulfilled my promise but there is a power bigger than me and she freed Veerabhadra from my trap. Priest says I told you Daksh that you will regret all this but time will not be in your favor then. Daksh says its impossible. Kaali arrives there, Daksh gets scared.


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Kaali says father is most respected because he gets right to kanayadan for his daughter but you are empty from heart Daksh, you are not educated, you dont need to be guided now but to get punished, she says to Veerabhadra that his mind is filled with filth thats why he did this sin, separate that filth now Veerabhadra. Veerabhadra approaches Daksh with his sword, Daksh is scared. Veerabhadra comes to him, he glares at him with fury in his eyes, he sees Sati burning, he gets angry and moves his sword, he separates Daksh’s head from his body, Kaali disappears from there. Shiv enters there, he sees Sati’s body burning, all bow down to Shiv recalls his moments with Sati, he starts weeping, he breakdowns and sobs uncontrollably. He lifts Sati’s burning body in arms, he takes her live burning body with him and leaves.

Kaali sees Shiv taking Sati’s body with him. She says to Vishnu that Shiv is trapped, he has to get out of it so I can take another birth and then Shiv-Shakit will be united, make is happen Narayan. Narayan nods, he hits Sati’s body with his power, Sati’s body breakdowns in small chunks, all pieces fall around from Shiv’s arms.

Flashback ends, Shiv says to Parvati that Vishnu divided Sati’s power in 52 chunks, all chunks became full of power, they are protected by people, one chunk is Jualagiri, Ambika Devi and Ummat protects it, this site has Sati’s tongue and they protect it. Parvati says Sati couldnt bear what happened to her and she cameback with another birth as Parvati, I took avatar of Mahakali so I can go to edge of power and can get another birth, I wanted to get another birth but I lost my identity and you had to bear all this Dev. Shiv says after I lost Sati, I was wandering around and then you entered my life and you brought happiness back in Kailash till.. he recalls Parvati leaving him again. Parvati says it was my mistake to leave Kailash, I am so oblivious, I left you first but then hurt by trying to leave to search my soul, Shiv says your soul searching doesnt hurt me but gives me peace because it has you with it. Parvati is mesmerized by him, he asks anymore question? she says yes, lets go back to our home, I will never leave you again. Shiv smiles hearing it.

Scene 2
Shumbha says who is this Mahakali? whenever we try to attack her, some woman protects her. Nishumbha says there is one way now, we have to wake Mahabali Darukasur he can trap Parvati and anyone who tries to protect Parvati will be ended by him. Shumbha says no waking Darukasur will have problems too, I will change dynamics too, we were going behind Parvati till now but I will play such game that Parvati will come to us and alone. Nishumbha says no power works on her. Shumbha says the one who we cant trap with power, we can trap them with worship, we have to bring Parvati to us and make sure she comes alone.

Parvati and Shiv enters their home together hand in hand. Shiv proudly looks at her and says see Guari, how Kailash is welcoming you. All greet Parvati. Lakshmi does her aarti. All sprinkle flowers on her. All chant for Shiv and Parvati.

Shiv and Parvati take their place on throne. Lakshmi says Parvati has comeback so end is good, Devraj says soon Shumbha and Nishumbha will understand power of Kaali too, when they come here, you can take on Kaali’s powers and finish them and then world will be saved. Parvati gets tensed and says can we talk about this later? I just want to be with you all today, Lakshmi says we will start celebrations, all leave. Parvati is tensed about using Kaali’s powers, Shiv looks on.

Shumbha and Nishumbha are going in jungle. Someone attacks Nishumbha but Shumbha says Darukasur? he says yes me Darukasur, the one who can end my enemy easily. Nishumbha says Mahabali Darukasur in a woman’s dress? he laughs, Darukasur says you are making fun of woman’s dress but dont forget she is your biggest threat at the moment. Darukasur takes his original avatar, he says we have aminity that no man can kill us but you both are in trouble because you think women is powerless and insult them but I make them think that they are powerful, I boost their ego so fighting them becomes easy. He asks what you both are doing here? what you want from me? Shumbha says we dont need you but need your wif’e assistance, he asks why? Shumbha says she is Devi worshiper, we just want to say woman have become powerful, Darukasur says what will I get? Shumbha says I will make protection zone for you too after this, Daruk says you are clever, Shumbha says where is your wife? the biggest worshiper of Devi, where is Daruka?

Daruka is praying to Devi in her den. Daruk comes there and says I know your prayer is important to you, Daruka says you never interrupted me os it must be important, Daruk says I have come with great news, you have been worhisping Devi and now she has taken her powerful avatar, Daruka gets happy and says my prayers have been fulfilled.

Parvati is lost in thoughts, Shiv comes to her and says we get peace in house but I dont like it for you? Parvati says you know why I am not at peace, I dont want to talk about it, Shiv says you cant avoid with by closing your eyes, why you are running away from your truth? Parvati says I can disappoint you by accepting this truth, she recalls putting her foot on Shiv, she says how can I repeat that mistake? My identity is being your wife and serve but becoming Mahakali again and putting foot on you? I cant accept that, I dont want to become Mahakali again, I cant put foot on you, if you take me as your wife and respect me then you wont force me for it, Shiv looks on. Shiv says I am your husband, I wont be a problem in your decisions, if you dont want to take on Kaali’s avatar then fine but life is a fight, you can runaway from it or can take part in it, if you take part in the battle then you will right path. Parvati hears someone calling Shiv for help, Parvati says we will talk about that later, some of your worshiper is calling out to you for help. Shiv says I cant go because I cant hear that person, she is not my worshiper, Parvati says then whose worshiper it is? Shiv says the one who can hear her, Parvati is stunned and says she is calling out to me? Shiv says the worshipers have realized the power of you. Daruka is outside and calling out to Parvati to come to her and bless her. Parvati asks Shiv what can I do? Shiv says you have given punishment to evils and now its time for you to be worshiped. this is start of your new position, Parvati looks on.


 : Daruka worships Parvati, she does her aarti and sings bhajan for her.Parvati says Daruka that you are Devi of this world, she turns to leave but Daruk comes there and says why in so much hurry Parvati? whatever happens here, happens with permission of him (Shumbha) and his wishes are completed by my wishes. Shumbha and Nishumbha comes there, they smirk at Parvati, Parvati glares at them.