Scene 1
Mahakal says I won’t let a question be raised on tridevs. I wont go unless Parvati asks me to come.
Parvati enters the cave. Mani says Mata please come. Parvati walks to the circle Mann has made. He smiles. He says Mani this is the time. Mani tries to close the circle. Parvati looks at him and shouts did you think you could detain me? See I am here. I am here to teach you a lesson. I knew your intentions from very beginning. I could ruin your in a moment. Mann says we can detain your powers anytime. Parvati throws fire at him. Mann says Mani please lock her. Parvati says I myself want you to keep me. Mann says come on Mani.

Mani bows down to Parvati. He says I am sorry ma. I wont do anything man is asking. Parvati you have proved your godness. I wont be mad at you. I

will give you a wardan. He says give me wardan that whenever my faith is in trouble you will come. Shiv says no Parvati. Mann says you will be locked in this circle. He laughs. Ganga says has she called you? Shiv stands up and leaves.

Shiv runs towards the cave. Parvati closes h
er eyes and waits. Mann says so you gave up Devi? Are you angry? That would give me more powers. Mani says please dont’ do this Mann. Parvati sayas you will face worst consequences. Shiv comes there. Mann says no matter who comes there you can’t go from here. Force of Asurs stop Shiv. He says move from my way or I will kill you all.
Mann says today I will end Mahakal and Mahakali. Mani hits him and says how dare you say that about mata. I will kill you. I am sorry mata. Please punish me. He hits his head on the stone. Parvati says calm down. Your bruise hurts me more. Mani says no Mata. Parvati says don’t worry. Parvati says you will learn this lesson Mann. I can kill you right now but I won’t go against balance of universe.
Asur says you can’t go there. Shvi says Mahakali has called for me. I won’t stop at any cost. Mani says Mahakal is coming. Parvati says yes no one can stop him from coming. Shiv kills the asurs. He burns anyone who comes in his way.
Mann says he can take you from here. Mani says please don’t do this brother. She is our Mata. Please stop it. Mani says by the time Mahakal is here I would have detained Mahakali.
Kartika says I have to go. i can’t see them detaining my mom. Vishnu says don’t worry. Mahakal is there. Ganga says this will make their relationship stronger. Shiv burns them all down. he says I am coming Parvati.

Mann says I can’t step back now. My plan has to be successful. Parvati says Mahakal and Mahakali will give you punishment of your sins. Shiv comes in. Parvati says you for me every time. Parvati takes Shiv’s hand and comes out of the circle. Shiv walks towards Mann. MAni comes in front of mann. Mani asys please forgive us Mata. Mann says see I told you. Devi at least stop your follower from being killed. Shiv is about to kill Mani. Parvati comes in front of him and says you can’t do this. He says you can’t see this face of mine either. Parvati says you can’t kill my follower. Shiv says they both plotted this against you and they deserve punishment. Ganga says we have to stop all this. Vishnu says Mahakali knows how to handle this.

Parvati says to Shiv you have to stop. Mann and mani run. Shiv says I wont let them go. Shiv comes after Mann and Mani. Shiv says if you were such a good follower where were you Mani when Mann was plotting all this. He throws trishul towards them. Parvati stops it. Vishnu says they both are standing in front of each other.
Parvati says to Shiv I wont let you do this.

Precap-Parvati and Shiv stand in front of each other.