Karuna says on this happy day I will make something sweet. Neev says I am so happy. Shaurya says shukran. Neev asks mahek what is Shukran? Mahek says thats thank you in Arabic. Where did you hear that? He says Sharuya said. Mahek wonders why shaurya said that.

Vicky says to Shaurya mahek will sign that paper in afternoon. She is out for shopping. SHaurya says there should be no issues in this project. Shaurya says I have to go somewhere. Vicky says but there is an important meeting. He says that after one hour. Shaurya says I want to rest. He leaves. Neev says my stomach hurts. Mahek says its because of the junk food you eat. They are going for shopping.
Shaurya comes back home. Mahek is going back home as well. Mahek comes home. Vicky calls her.
Shaurya is in washroom. Mahek says meeting

at this time? I will send them for shopping and come right now. Mahek calls Shaurya.. He says I am in a meeting I will call you back. Mahek says why did Shaurya lie. Neev goes to washroom.

Shaurya wears a topi and takes arabic attire. He offers prayer. Mahek is looking for Shaurya. He comes back to washroom and changes hos clothes.
Shaurya comes to white chilies. Vicky says I conducted the interviews and short listed these. Shaurya says where are their bio data? Vicky gives him the list. Shaurya throws it away and says you can’t do anything right. Vicky says look at it once. Shaurya says I rejected six of them. Vicky says I worked so hard on this. Vicky says you are not valuing my effort. Shaurya says you are project incharge only because of Mahek. Go and do something that doesn’t damage more. Mahek and Nehal come there. Nehal leaves.

Nehal says to Vicky do something else or be perfect in this work. I can’t see jeju do this to you. This all is not right. Vicky says he is my brother. Nehal says I dont’ want any one to talk to my life partner like this.
Mahek says to Shaurya you can’t do this. Shaurya says its about my image. I can’t vicky do harm to oour brand image. Vicky says to Nehal I have to tolerate him unless I prove myself on this project. Nehal says Shaurya became a drunk guy when Mahek wasn’t here. You took care of the business and took all the decision.
Shaurya says I have to somewhere. Mahek says Vicky told me you were home. Awara also told me you were home. But you were not in room. He says yes I went home to take a file.

Nehal says no girl can see her husband being insulted. Self respect is very important for me. Shaurya calls someone and says I have done all arrangements to get you here in restaurant. You will be in. A woman says thanks.
Dolly and everyone are writing songs for sangeet. Vicky says what song will you dance on brother? Shaurya says I have work can’t waste my time on this. Dolly says leave this anger. Enjoy the wedding. Mahek says people who think its a time waste don’t have to come to sangeet. Shaurya leaves.
Shaurya says to vicky don’t forget work in this all. Mahek says he will manage both.

Mahek is trying to sleep. She recalls why is Shaurya behaving weird. She is in tears. Shaurya wakes up and looks at her. He sleeps. Mahek is crying. Mahek sees a dream where shaurya is asking for help. She says why am I seeing this dream? Why is he asking for help? Is he hiding something from me?

Precap-Mahek asks Shaurya are you okay?
Shaurya goes in washroom and takes his mask off.