Mahek 16th January 2018 Written Episode Update: Shaurya Kidnapped

Mahek 16th January 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Kanta says to Mahek where is your mangalsutra and sindur. Mahek says Shaurya says I look like aunty in these. He has changed my wardrobe as well. But now when he isn’t talking to me I will put it on. She wears sindur.
Shaurya sits in the auto. He is going somewhere.
Kanta leaves Mahek back to her house.

People are collecting money for lorhi. Shaurya is going in auto. He tries to walk but he can’t. He says Mahek.. He is fainting. Mahek says why do I feel something is wrong. Shaurya is in trouble. Someone comes and puts a black cloth on Shaurya’s face and takes him from there.

Ravi says to vikcy have you planned something for your future? Please think about your life while thinking about your child and baby. Vicky says I am working on it and I am sure Shaurya will also see my hardwork. Ravi says I am sure. Ravi says just be careful that she is your responsibility now. Take care of her. And Nehal promise me that in any circumstances you will be with her. They both promise.

Scene 2
Shaurya is brought to a dark place. He sees his doppelganger. He says who are you? His look alike says I am you. Can’t you recognize yourself? Shaurya says where am I and who are you? He says stop repeating. He says I all like Shaurya. I wear what he wears, I run his restaurant but I am not Shaurya khana. I eat like him but you are Shaurya Khana. He says it all started when you got the contract of home minister’s daughter. We wanted an entry to go there. You gave us that entry. I will be you and will go there and kill them all. The whole cabinet will die. You can go back to your life just that you will be in jail. Shaurya says I won’t let you do anything.
He says do you wanna meet the real me? He takes off the mask. He says I am Arman Malik. Nice to meet you. If you ran today we would have been in trouble. He shoves Shaurya. Don’t do this mistake again or your wife will pay for it. It is so hard to control. Her body smells so good. You are a lucky guy. Shaurya says I will kill you if you go near my wife. Open my hands then I will show you who is the real man. He says mind your language. Shaurya says you are a coward. You kill people in name of religion. You have killed so many innocent people. Release my hands and I will make you ashamed to called a man.

Scene 3
Mahek says to Vikcy please call Shaurya. His nuumber is off. Shauyra hits Arman. He falls down. His men hold him. Shaurya says leave me. Arman stands up. Arman says leave him. He hits shuarya with a knuckle. Arman badly hits Shaurya.
Mahek comes home. She says why do i feel so worried?

Arman keeps beating Shaurya. His man says he will die please stop.Shaurya is bleeding. Arman says shift him to the cliff room. He says there should be nno hurdles in the mission.

Precap-Arman says give him food forcefully if he isn’t eating then put keef in his throat. Mahek comes and says whom are you talking about? And what happened to your voice.