Mahek 24th January 2018 Written Episode Update: Mahek Doubts Nalini

Scene 1
Neev wakes up. Mahek hugs him and says how is my Neev now? Here are these toys and chocolates for you. Do you like them? He hugs her. Mahek gives him milk. Vicky comes in. Nehal says I saw nalini in a veil. She isn’t a good woman. Vicky says she gives weird vibes. Mahek says maybe she is from a rival restaurant. i don’t knoww what Shaurya will say about it.

Shaurya says to Arman you are all criminals. No God asks anyone to kill humans. People like you defame your religion. God is with me. Arman throttles him and says shut up.
Deep shoves him. Arman says our mission will be accomplished soon. Shaurya says we will see. Arman says to his people less than three days are left keep your focus on work only. His men are packing boxes. Shaurya sees something that fell from

Arman’s hand. he hides it.

Arman comes in. Mahek says you here? He gives Neev a teddy bear. Neev is asleep. Arman says there is camera in this bear. If you have to leave this room you can see what happens in this room.

Vicky comes on breakfast table. He says there is something wrong. All the vendors chosen by Nalini are new. She has fired all the previous ones. There is something wrong. Mahek says I will come to restaurant and check whats going on. Arman hears it.
Arma says to Nalini Vicky doubts you. You need to be careful. Arman says therre should be no trouble. Mahek will come to restaurant too. She says your mask is lose. She tries to fix it. Mahek is coming towards the restaurant. Mahek sees them sitting together. Nalini says ma’am you here? Mahek says shouldn’t I be? She says of course you can be. She leaves. Shaurya says I sent the other chef to you. Why are you being so careless? Mahek says chachi and Nehal are there. i have to handle the work here as well. the event is day after tomorrow. Shaurya says it was right when women used to stay home. Mahek says why is Nalini heading this project? What’s her experience? Where is she from? Shaurya says she focuses on work only. Mahek says that doesn’t answer my question?> Where did you find her? What’s her experience? He says my friend Karan suggested her. She worked in Dubai. Mahek says who Karan? He says my college friend. Mahek says so you don’t even know her personally and you were talking about her qualities. Shaurya says don’t waste my time. Mahek says she is hiding something. She doesn’t give good vibes. Vicky also felt that. Shaurya says that vicky is a loser. He always blames others. Mahek say what happened to your neck? he says nothing and leaves.

Shaurya asks the guard for cigarette. He says shut up or I wont even give you water. Shaurya says give me please. He gives him. They give him cigarette. Shaurya smokes. All the thugs get back to their work. Shaurya says just one more day Mahek I am coming to yyou.
Mahek is in kitchen. She sees Nalini working. Mahek says let me check the food. Nalini says I will check it don’t worry. Mahek says no I will check it myself.

Precap-Mahek follows Nalini. She practices as suicide bomber.