Mahek 26th February 2018 Written Episode Update: Police Raids Arman’s Place

Scene 1
The bullet only touched Shaurya’s hand.
Mahek says if he dies our plan will be failed. Arman won’t be able to enter the venue. But If you want I will shoot him after couting till 5. Mahek counts. 1.. 2.. 3.. Arman says stop. He takes Abba inside and says enough of this doubting. You were about to kill our plan with it. I can’t let you take control of this mission anymore. You have to leave. Abba says okay I am leaving.
Mahek is crying. She hits her hand on the wall. She recalls shooting on Shaurya and cries. A man comes to her and says Arman has called you. Abba is leaving. Everyone goes to sleep.

Mahek comes to Shaurya and says I am sorry. See what I did. She heals his wound and dresses it. Shaurya says I am fine. Shaurya says I am proud of you. She says

I am tired. See what I had to do. He says you saved my life. Mahek says I am very scared. We don’t know where Neev is. He says we have to save him and stay strong. You have win Arman’s trust. We have to be strong.

Scene 2
Kanta and Nehal pray for Shaurya and Mahek. Kanta says I wish shaurya and mahek were here. Kanta says we are here to pray for them.
Abba says arman thinks he can kick me out of the mission. I won’t go anywhere. Mahek says what happened? Arman says we have to run. They take shaurya somewhere else.

Arman gets a call that police is coming there to raid. Babu lal told police everything.
Mahek runs with Arman. They take Shaurya somewhere else. Mahek is worried. Arman says Nahida come with me. They run from there. On the way Mahek sees that her color is removing. She sees in the mirror and is worried. Mahek says my makeup is removing what to do. Mahek covers her face and says save me God please. She collides with someone and falls. They have colors. Mahek covers her face with colors. Armana says Nahida re you okay/? He picks her and says lets go. They sit in a car.

Scene 2
Everyone is praying for PD. They see the news that terrorist group is raided by police. Kanta and Ravi are worried. They know its the same place where Mahek is.
Arman says to Nahida we have to go to a safe place. SHe says I will go to white chilies and get everything done.
Mahek comes to a house she goes to washroom and tells her that everything is fine. SHe says they shifted Shaurya somewhere but I don’t know where he is. I ran from there with Arman. She tells Kanta everything. Mahek says in three days we have to find Neev. We don’t have much time.
Mahek sees them bringing Shaurya to the house where she is.

Precap-Arman says to Shaurya I want your signatures. Shaurya says I wont’ do that. Arman says I will throw neev ion the river.