Manmohini 25th January 2019 Written Episode Written Update

Chakua hurting Sia. Chakua tries to kill Ram. Mohini wants Sia to stand up and fight with Chakua. However, Mohini comes and tries to rescue Ram.
After a while, Dai Maa and Rani Maa come to save Ram. Ram gets badly injured. Everyone gets so worried about Ram.
Ram’s mother blames Sia for the incident. She tells Sia to get out of Ram’s house. Sia contradicts and tells Ram’s mother that Sia is Ram’s wife and she can do anything for Ram’s wellbeing.
The doctor tells Sia that Ram’s life is at risk.
However, Mohini reveals that only Chakua can save Ram.
Sia wants Dai Maa to tell her anything to save Ram. Chakua visits Mohini on bullet. Chakua seems powerful. Mohini is very worried about Ram.
Chakua hurts Mohini’s friend. Clearly, Chakua is not afraid of anyone. Chakua wants Ram badly. Mohini clashes with Chakua.
Mohini helps Sia by telling her the solution.