Bepannaah latest news – Shocking truth about Pooja’s affair with Arjun to destroy Aditya

Right from its from first episode Bepannaah (Bepanah) has created suspense about infidelity or conspiracy in its story line between the lead actors Zoya (Jennifer Winget) and Aditya (Harshad Chopda).

Aditya accepts the truth and hates Pooja. But  Zoya is still in illusion that Yash didn’t cheat on her. Zoya and Aditya are determined to solve the mystery behind their partners death but only end up getting hurt. The more they try to solve the more they are confused.

Among all these chaos one person who is constantly restless is Arjun, Aditya’s younger brother. He is frantically searching for Pooja’s dairy in which she has confessed about her affair with Arjun. After lot of searching he gets hold of Pooja’s dairy and secretly keeps it with him to hide the truth from everyone.

This is the reason why Arjun is not ready to hear any ill about his Sister-in-law and always full of praise for her. After her death he is very supportive to Pooja’s mother.

Meanwhile Zoya finds out that Harshvardhan is behind the murder of Pooja and Yash.

How will Aditya react to the treachery by his own brother?

Will Zoya be able to unmask influential Harshvardhan?

The revelations to both the mysteries will bring a high octave drama ahead. So keep watching this space for more information and updates.

Author: TWC