Naagin 3 26th January 2019 Written Episode Written Update

Bela and Vikrant reaching out to the Naagmani in the cave under the water depths.
Vishaka tries to find Mahir in the house. Sumitra, Rohini, Alekh, and the vultures come to her. Vish questions Sumitra about Mahir. Sumitra tries to threaten Vishaka.
Sumitra asks Vishaka about Bela and the Naagmani. Vish refuses to tell her anything. Alekh and Rohini try to attack Vish. Sumitra throws belapatra on Vishaka to defeat her.
Vish falls on the ground owing to the belpatra effect.
Bela prays to Lord Shiva idol inside the cave to give her the Naagmani. Bela gets the Naagmani. They head towards Sehgal house.
Sumitra is happy that now she will get the Naagmani from Bela as till now everything in her plan has fallen at the right place.
Bela and Vikrant take snake avatars and sneak into the house saving themselves from Sumitra’s eyes.
Alekh and Rohini torture Mahir by keeping him in a glass cabin and showering water on him. As the water level will increase, Mahir will drown in the water.
Vishaka requests them to leave Mahir.
Bela and Vikrant get shocked seeing Vish and Mahir gone missing from the house. They sense Sumitra’s creepy plan in it. They reach the place where Mahir and Vish are trapped.
Sumitra and others are already there. Sumitra mocks at them for falling prey to her plan. Sumitra forces Bela to give Naagmani to her.
Bela hands over the Naagmani to Sumitra in lieu of Mahir and Vishaka’s life. Vishaka pulls out Mahir from the water. But one of the vultures pushes Vish in the water cabin.
Vikrant struggles to save Vishaka but fails. Vishaka takes her last breath in the water.
Sumitra is happy to get the Naagmani and keeps it in a secure place.
At the end of Nagin season 3 show, Bela and Vikrant are in deep agony.
Precap: Vishaka returns as a spirit to take her revenge.