Naamkaran 10th August 2017 written episode written update

Naamkaran 10th August 2017 written episode written update

Naamkaran 10th August 2017 written episode written update starts with Amol gives Avni Rakhi and a family picture, they both celebrate rakha bandhan. Dayavanti says that she . Will not let Avni steal Amol from her. Guru maa says that shell give her anything she wants for helping her, Dayacanti says to erase Neels Kundli.

Neel tries calling home again, DD says that Avni will be very happy to hear about their success. Neela says that she should talk to Neel but Avni says that first she needs to change Amol first. Amol goes to meet Dayavanti and says that now Avni believes that hes become Aman and they have to take advantage of her trust. Dayanti tells Amol remove the rakhi, he says hhe cant and this will help him to manipulate her. she says that Avni is a dayan and Amol says that now everything will happen as per her order.

Amol gives Dayavanti all the information about the certificate drama. When Amol calls Avni Di Dayavanti gets annoyed and shout at Amol. He asks when to play their next move. Prakash asks Shweta happened to her, he says that Neel will support the truth. Neel goes to meet Avni but when she goes to hug him but she stops. DD informs Swea that neel in stuck in some case. Neel tells Avni to pack her bags and come home, she says no.

dayavanti tells Amol that on janmashtami they have to finish all of Avnis happiness. Amol shows her a video. Amol tell her that they removed Riya too and he only informed her about Neel leaving the house. She tells him to tolerate Riya. Avni says she knows that she knows that hell always support her but she cant come with her because shes bad luck for him and neel tells her that if she really wants to break the relationship he will never call once he leaves. He leaves as Avni doesn’t try stopping her.

Precap; Avni tells Neela that she doesn’t want to put Neel in a situation where he has to choose between his family or her just like how her father had to do. Neela tells her that neither of them are Aisha or Ashish and her future is in her hands. Neel blames Shweta and tells her that before saying anything to his wife she didn’t realize that she has made him ashamed of his birth.