Naamkaran 11 August 2017 written episode written update starts with Neela is angry at Neel and she tells her that Neel is the only one who can take care of her. she compares herself with her mother. Neela tells her that shes not Aisha and Neel is not Ashish.

Neel wipes his head and thinks its Avni when Shweta is wiping his head. He is angry at Shweta and swhe tells him that Avni never loved her. he syas that he just saved girls from getting humiliated and here his own family humiliated his wife. Bebe is hearing all this, he says that she isn’t to blame for her past. He says hes ashamed of his existence. Amol enters the house late and Avni asks what in his hand. he says that hes doing a part time job to give Prakash uncles money back.
She sayas he doesn’t need to do that, he says he cant leave the job and gives her his first salary. Neel is getting ready and finds Avnis bangles, Prakash comes there and tells him to try and win bqack Avni and tells him that theres someone here to meet him, the girls parents come to invite for janmashtami in their society as a chief guest. Amol is making a bomb in the lab and Avni asks Amol what hes doing in there and tells him that he should be in college.

When Avni take his hand he drops something and Amol acts to hurt himself. Avni gifts Amol a bike and he says in his mind that he will destroy her in some days. Dayavanti says that its time to finish Avni and its even benifitial for her and tells her about Amols plan. Ali is in his room pacing around and lets nanu in, he ask what happened and he says that its all his fault and he didn’t tell her the truth. Neel tells Prakash he needs to tell the truth, he asks how did Bebe get the pictures. Bebe says that he only send the letter then how does he not know about it, Ali says that Shweta and Riya were behind all this. Prakash calls for the letter. Neel checks the letter and asks who did it and hes not written the letter and these are not his hand writing. Ali tells nanu everything. Nanu tells him that Avni should not know that he was also involved in it. Everyone looks at Shweta, bebe realizes that Bhima had given her the letter. Bhima says that Riya gave her the letter. Neel blames Riya for the planning.


Precap: Avni gets her family back. Dayavanti says that today shes going to finish Avni.