Naamkaran 14 August 2017 written episode written update

Avni arrives at Ali’s café along with Amol and tells him that she wants to drink coffee in his shop. Ali looks uncomfortable and tells Avni that he will go to buy coffee. Avni asks Nanno what is wrong with Ali and Nanno tries to avoid the matter.

Neil arrives there along with DD. Neil and Avni dash into each other and share an eye-lock. Neil tries to defend herself saying that she did all this as she did not want his relationship with his mother to get spoilt. Avni tells Neil that he has already done so many favors on her. Neil asks Avni whether she was doing him a favour by living with him. Neil and DD sit to have tea and DD tries to defend Avni but Neil shuts him up.

Avni complains to Amol that Neil is not even listening to her. Amol remembers Daya’s words to call Avni for the Janmashtami Pooja. Amol tells Avni that she should be there for the Janmashtami celebrations to reconcile with Neil. Avni refuses for it. Amol gifts Avni a recorder and starts old songs on it. Neil and Avni look at each other sadly while the song plays. Avni starts copying all of Neil’s actions. Neil gets angry and walks upto Avni and tries to shut the music but the song changes.

Neil and Avni share eye lock and Avni sits next to Neil. Avni starts dancing to patao Neil and some others also join her. Neil and Avni once again dash into each other. Avni has tears in her eyes as she tries to pacify Neil while the old songs play. Amol thinks that he has to unite Neil and Avni. Dayawanti tells the jailor that she wants to organize Janmashtami Pooja but Jailer refuses. A woman arrives there and tells the jailor that she is doing a big crime by refusing for the Pooja and she will get punishment. Jailor changes her tone seeing the woman and agrees or the Pooja. The woman asks Dayawanti to do the Pooja and Dayawanti asks her to call panditji too. The woman says that panditji will surely come. Amol tells Neela that they have to unite Neil and Avni and they have to do something big to let this happen. DD calls up Avni and tell him that Neil needs help and cuts the call. Avni is worried for Neil and sets out to be with Neil. Neil talks to the commissioner and discusses the Raghu pandit case. Neela asks DD whether Neil will be free today and DD agrees. Someone calls DD and says that commissioner is calling him to discuss Raghu pandit case. DD gets tensed and says that Commissioner cannot see Avni at the police station. DD reaches police station and falls and Neil gets annoyed. Avni also reaches there and Neela tells Avni not to trouble Neil. Neela is angry and says she does not want to interfere in Neil and Avni’s personal matters. Neil sees Avni at the police station and wonders why she came and why she has left without meeting him. Neil tries to go behind her but commissioner stops him. Neil is distracted thinking about Avni. Avni leaves from there and thinks  to message Neil and apologies to him. Neil gets message and thinks it is Avni but it turns out to be Bebe’s message asking him to return home soon in the evening. Dayawanti looks at the Janmashtami decorations and thinks evilly that it will be a memorable event for everyone. Neela gets ready and tells Avni that she is going for Janmashtami Pooja as Prakash has called her. Neela tells Avni that she knows she will not come as she does not believe in God. Avni says that she will come and rushes to get dressed up. Avni thinks to apologize to Neil after meeting him. Avni and Neela arrive for the Pooja and Shweta and Beeb look at them angrily. Shweta thinks when she will get rid of Avni. The Pooja begins and Neil arrives there and is stunned to see Avni.

Precap: Avni and Neil together do the pooja and Avni thinks that she has finally got the family that she always wanted. Amol gives a bomb to a man in a pot and tells him to plant it. Amol thinks that Neil will not survive.