Naamkaran 16th August 2017 written episode, written update

The Janmashtami celebrations start. Amol says to himself that Neil will die and Avni will become a widow. Amol throws the bomb blast model in a garbage bin. Avni reaches the location of the dahi handi and Neela asks her whom she is looking for. Avni avoids the questions saying the decorations are good. Some kids talk about changing the handi and Amol says that this is a bad omen and they should not change the handi. Neil comes there and Neela asks Avni to pacify Neil. Avni tries to say something but stammers. Neela tells Avni that she has failed to pacify Neil. The song starts and DD begins to dance. Neela also joins the dance. DD asks Neil to dance and Neela ask Avni to dance. Neil starts singing and circling Avni. Neil dances and Avni smiles looking at him. Neil takes a mug full of water and throws it on Avni. Avni also throws water on him.

Avni puts the duppata on her head to dry her hair and Neil goes under the dupatta and asks Avni to forgive him and not show so much attitude.DD tells Neil that the Dahi handi is ready. Neil ties Avni’s dupatta on his head and looks at Avni with Tashan. Neil climbs up the human pyramid and Avni tells him that she has not forgiven him and is still angry with him. Neil tells her that they are katti forever. Neela ask Avni to pacify Neil or matters will go out of hand.Neela finds the model of the bomb blast in the garbage bin. Neil climbs up the human pyramid and Amol looks on menacingly as Neil falls and the pyramid breaks. Neela sees the model and understands that there is a bomb inside the Dahi handi. Neela rushes to Neil and asks him to stop saying that there is a bomb. Avni hears this and gets shocked. Avni rushes to the pyramid and screams for Neil to stop. Neil reaches at the top and signs a goodbye to Avni. Amol presses the remote button saying the bomb will go off in 10 seconds. The bomb blasts and a chaos takes place. Avni looks around for Neil. Neela and DD also look around for Neil. Amol thinks he will call Dadi once he sees Neil’s body. Amol sees Neil’s body but does not tell Avni. Amol picks up Neil and tries to get away. Avni sees her dupatta which Neil had tied to his head and follows. 

Precap: Amol takes Neil to a corner and thinks to hit him with a rod and kill him.