Naamkaran 18th August 2017 written episode, written update

Avni asks nurse about Neil’s health. Doctor tells Avni that Neil is unconscious. Neil is brought out and Avni tell him not to leave her. Gurumaa tells Dayawanti that Neil has to die for their next step to succeed. Amol asks Dayawanti why all the doors are opened and she says that it is for Panditji.  Dayawanti leaves the prison and Gurumaa tells her to return back before sunrise.

Dayawanti tells Amol that they have to kill Neil as they can once again help panditji. Amol is confused. Avni enters Neil’s room and tells him that he has to return to her soon. Avni apologizes to Neil and also holds her ears to apologize. Avni tries hard to make Neil regain consciousness and cries before him. Avni admits that all she wants in her life is Neil’s support. Bebe and Shweta enter there and Shweta looks menacingly at Avni. Avni says that she is leaving.
Avni comes out and Neela assures Avni that Neil will be fine and not to lose hope. Riya comes to Shweta and tells her that Neil will be fine. Riya meets Ali and tells him that she will come along with him. Ali asks Riya to stay away from him but Riya says they are friends. Ali threatens Riya that he will tell Neil and Avni about her truth. Dayawanti enters the hospital room on the sly. Ali meets Amol and ask him where was he.

Prakash asks Shweta and Bebe to go home but they refuse. Neela takes Avni somewhere and runs into Dayawanti who is dressed a nurse. Dayawanti calls up Amol and ask him to be ready. Neela brings Avni to God idol and ask her to pray but Avni refuses and asks Neela to pray. The diya is about to go off and Dayawanti comes there wearing a mask like a doctor and saves the diya. Neela has a doubt on the doctor and follows her but Amol distracts her. Amol asks Riya to distract Ali as they have to complete their mission. Riya talks to Ali but he asks her to go away. Neela asks Avni to go to cafeteria as Amol is waiting for her. Amol thinks that their mission will be completed. Riya instigates Ali and tells her that he was always behind Avni and also wanted to propose her in Coorg. Riya reminds Ali about decorating the gazebo for Avni. Neela doubts that the doctor in the mask was Dayawanti Mehta. Riya accuses Ali of putting a bomb in the dahi handi to kill Neil and make him out of his way. Avni hears everything and feels dizzy and Ali runs to save her. Avni asks Ali whether Riya is saying the truth. Avni accuses Ali of betraying her and says that she has no one by her side. Avni asks Ali to say the truth but Ali says he cannot tell her anything right now. Dayawanti dresses as nurse and says the time has come. Lights go out and Avni thinks that something wrong is going to happen. Dayawanti tries to enter the room but the policeman stops her. DD comes there and is about to see Dayawanti’s face but Prakash distracts him. Dayawanti gets entry in Neil’s room Avni runs up the stairs to be with Neil. Dayawanti takes the pillow saying she had killed Aisha also this way. Dayawanti says she will kill Neil and blame will fall on Ali. Dayawanti says that Avni will be so helpless. Neela is worried about Dayawanti being in the hospital. Dayawanti strangulates Neil with the pillow and Neil struggles.

Precap: Doctor tells Avni that Neil has to undergo liver surgery and Avni asks him to arrange for a donor. Gurumaa tells Dayawanti that Avni will do anything to save Neil. Gurumaa assures Dayawanti that her goons will destroy the box carrying Neil’s donor liver