Naamkaran 21st August 2017 written episode written update starring Zain Imam and Aditi Rathore, Naamkaran 22nd August Precap

Neela asks Amol why he had gone to meet Riya. DD also asks him. Amol realizes that they are mistaken that he had gone to meet Riya. Neela asks Amol not to meet Riya again. Neela tells Amol that they have to give their statement to the police after this incident and Amol get tensed.

Amol thinks to remove all traces so that no one can reach him. The doctor tells Neil’s family to leave as Neil needs rest. Everyone except for Prakash leaves and Prakash tells Neil to open his eyes as they have left. Prakash asks Neil why is he doing drama with his own family. Neil says that he reluctant after Avni’s incident. Neil thinks to speak to Avni. Guruma tortures a woman in prison and warns. A lady says that Dayawanti wants to meet her but Guruma refuses to meet her and thinks to put Dayawanti in a dark room where she will rot forever.

Guruma is angry with Dayawanti for failing every time as this is making Neil stronger. Avni comes to Neil in nurse’s avtaar and Neil asks her who is she. Avni says that visiting hours are over and no one would allow her inside so she had to take disguise. Avni gives soup to Neil. Neil thanks Avni for saving him and Avni breaks down talking about the horror of the last two days when she feared that she would lose him.

Avni tells Neil that she had tried to apologize to him on the dahi handi day. Avni tells Neil they should hunt down the culprit. Neil asks Avni whether she will help him in the case and Avni says of course. Neil asks Avni why she wants to help him and she says because she is his wife. Neil and Avni have romantic eye-lock as she feeds him soup. Neil asks Avni whether she will return home with him after his discharge. Avni says that she has always seen discord between her parents and she does not want to end up like her mother. Avni says that she does not want Neil to choose between her and his family. Neil tells Avni not to run away from herself. Next day, Amol asks Avni whether she has got any clues about the bomb blast. Neela comes there and ask Avni about all the lemons going missing from the ridge. Amol thinks he had used the lemons to disinfect the lab. Amol fears being caught. Neela gets a call saying that Neil is getting a discharge. Doctor tells Neil’s family that Neil should get good rest. Shweta assures Neil that she will take good care of him. Bebe says that this is not needed as Avni will take care of him. Neil says that Avni will not come home with them. Bebe asks Neil why is he saying such things. Neil says that they keep repeating their mistakes. Neil ask Bebe whether she would behave the same way with Maddy Bua and Kareena. Neil gets up and walks up to Avni and holds her hand. Neil says he will support his wife. Neil says that he and Avni will both not return to the house as he wants to save Avni form Shweta. Shweta has tears in her eyes. Neil says that he will take Avni to Neil and Avni’s house. Neil apologizes to Neela that he cannot give a happy family to Avni but this house will be her own. Avni remembers how Ashish had abandoned her. Shweta asks Neil whether she can change the decision and Neil tells her that she has lost all rights. Shweta tells Prakash to convince Neil to return home. Prakash promises to support Neil and Avni’s decision. Shweta claps her hand and taunts Neela that she is ruining her son’s house. Shweta alleges that Neela as Avni are taking away Neil from her. Bebe asks Shweta to keep quite as history is repeating itself. Bebe promises Avni that she will bring her back to the house. Neil tells Avni that they will leave.

Precap: Avni tells Neela that the fingerprint reports of culprit will arrive soon. Amol wears mask to steal the reports