Naamkaran 22nd August 2017 written episode, written update

Neil and Avni leave the house and Neil trips and Avni saves him. Shweta looks on angrily as Neil and Avni sit in the car and leave. Neil tries to touch Avni’s hand in the car and Avni shies away.

Amol comes to meet Dayawanti in jail and shouts and Guruma wonders who is screaming. Amol comes to meet Guruma and Guruma asks him to get lost and not show his face again. Amol says that he just wants to meet his grandmother but Guruma asks him to go away. Guruma tells her assistant that she has to go to Rang Mahal jaguda and Amol wonders which place is this. Avni settles down in Neil’s house. Neil praises Avni for her fighting spirit.

Neil holds Avni’s hand and gives Avni the credit for saving his life. Neil tells Avni that he wants to see the strong woman in her. Avni tells Neil that he already took his decision and Neil asks her whether his decision was wrong. Neil gets DD’s call. Amol searches for Jaguda on the web and thinks that he has to find the hidden secret of panditji. Neil tries to go to police station but Avni forbids him. Avni tells DD on the phone to get all of Neil’s work at home as Neil will not leave the house.

Neil calls Avni a lady don and grabs her arm. Neil is in pain and Avni makes Neil sit on the bed and the two share a romantic eyelock. Avni asks Neil to stop starting at her and Neil refuses and asks Avni not to come close to him. Avni tells Neil she is feeling weird. Maddy supports Avni in front of Shweta and Shweta ask her not to take Avni’s side. Bebe intervenes and tells Shweta that she will never improve and she and Prakash will have to do something. Neela cooks for Neil and Avni and tells Avni that they should move in with her but Shweta will be unhappy. Avni feels that she and Shweta will never be able to have a happy relationship like Aisha and Dayawanti. Avni says she is not worth Neil. Avni tells Neela that Neil is acting weird and keeps staring at her. Neela laughs. Avni says that the finger print reports will come soon and they will know the culprit behind the bomb blast. Some policemen come to Neil’s house to discuss the finger print reports and Amol looks on being tensed. DD offers to make tea and Avni scolds him. Amol wears mask and attacks the policeman who has the reports. Amol manages to run away with the reports. Avni serves the tea to the policemen and everyone lies about the tea being good. Neil gets the reports and the policeman tells Neil that a man in a monkey cap attacked him but he could not catch him. Neil asks the policemen to make the sketch of the attacker. Neil is convinced that an inside man is involved in the attack. Neil says that the real culprit has got the wrong reports and their plan has succeeded. Shweta thinks about Neil’s bitter words and cries. Bebe consoles Shweta and asks her to accept Neil’s decision. Bebe says that she had thought Neil has lost his love when he lost Juhi. However, Avni has retuned love in Neil’s life and therefore she too should accept Avni. Neil tells someone on the phone to send him the sketch. Avni comes there and asks Neil to take off his shirt immediately. Avni cuts off the plaster as it is bleeding. Avni scolds Neil and asks him why he keeps staring at her. Neil tells Avni that he is giving her 10 days to find out why he is staring at her. Neil and Avni share romantic eyelock.

Precap: Shweta meets Dayawanti in prison and complains about Avni taking Neil away from her. Dayawanti advices Shweta to bring someone in their life who will take Avni and Neil apart.