Naamkaran 23rd August 2017 written episode, written update

Shweta comes in the jail to meet Dayawanti and she is shocked to see her. Shweta tell Dayawanti that    she is more evil than her and therefore she needs her help. Shweta tells Dayawanti that she has a lot of connection and therefore she should help her. Shweta tells Dayawanti that both of them have a common enemy.

Shweta says that Avni has taken her son away from her and she needs her help. Dayawanti asks Shweta to apologize to Avni and get her and Neil back home. Dayawanti asks Shweta to get some hurdle in their life which will help to take away Avni from Neil. Dayawanti assures Shweta that God supports mothers. Neil asks Avni to get a medicine for him. Avni asks Neil why he got her pillow to his bed as she is comfortable on the sofa.

Neil tells Avni that he is happier if she sleeps on his bed. Avni lies done next to Neil and he says no one can come between them. Neil leans down towards Avni and pulls up the blankets over them. Shweta goes into flashback where she asks Neil not to study so much and think about some girl. Neil tells his mother that there is already a girl. Shweta gets excited and asks the name but Neil does not reveal. Shweta find out that the girl’s name is Juhi.

Neil wakes up in the morning and finds his hand below Avni’s face. Avni also wakes up and tries to get up but Neil puts his arms around Avni. Avni manages to get up and Neil blushes. Avni is in the kitchen and Neil comes there and sees Avni with a bread slice in her mouth. Neil grabs the other end of the bread with his mouth. Neil tells Avni he wants to know what is in her heart and Avni is speechless. Prakash and Maddy tell Bebe that Shweta is not seen anywhere since morning. Avni talks to someone on the phone and tells the nurse that they have to come for the sponge bath and gets annoyed when nurse refuses. Neil asks Avni not to stress and he will manage by himself. Neil goes in the bathroom and tries to take off his T-shirt but struggles. Avni takes off Neil’s shirt and gives him a sponge bath. Water goes into Avni’s eyes and Neil looks at her lovingly. A prisoner gets beaten up in jail and Guruma asks her how she thought of escaping. Guruma tortures the woman and cuts off her hair. Guruma says she takes all decisions. Guruma tells the prisoner that if she goes against panditji then he will kill her. Neil gets ready and Avni looks at him. Doorbell rings and Shweta is at the door. Shweta tells Neil and Avni that she has to talk but Neil leaves from there. Shweta tells Avni that she wants to patch up with her as she wants Neil to return home. Shweta says that she is ready to accept her back. Shweta tells Avni that she does not like her but Neil likes her and therefore she wants her to return to the house.

Precap: Riya tells Shweta that Neil asked her to stay away from Avni. Shweta says that she has made this entire plan against Avni. Shopkeeper refuses to sell Ganesh Idol to a woman in a veil as she does not have money. Avni looks at the woman sadly.