Naamkaran 24th August 2017 written episode, written update

Shweta asks Avni to forget past and return home. Shweta says how Bebe too had forgiven her. Avni agrees to return home. Avni gets Ali’s call and she recalls Riya’s words that Ali wanted to propose to her.

Avni takes the call and Ali asks her not to hang up. Neil goes into flashback where Neil cries seeing Juhi’s photo and Shweta consoles him. Neil assures Shweta that he will be fine soon. Prakash tells Neil that they have got witness against person responsible for Juhi’s death. Flashback ends. Neil tells DD he is going home. DD tells a man that Neil does not celebrate Ganesh Chaturthi since many years. Ali meet Avni and Avni hugs him and tells Ali that she has forgiven him.

Avni and Ali patch up and Avni asks him to help her pick a Ganesh Idol. Shopkeeper is bargaining with a woman in a veil. Avni chooses an idol and the woman says that she has chosen it but the shopkeeper tells her she has no money. Avni gets sad seeing this and Avni asks the woman to buy it. Avni pays for the woman and gifts the idol to her. A policeman comes there and the woman in veil is scared to see him.

The goon grabs the veiled woman and drags her. Avni intervenes and ask the goon to leave her hand. Neil gets a call about Avni being in some trouble and goes towards there. The wind blows and the veil comes off the woman’s face. Shweta looks at Neil and Juhi’s picture and says she is sorry. Ali asks Avni not to fight and says they should call the police. Neil arrives at the location and the goon takes away the veiled woman (Juhi) from there. Neil sees Avni and Ali going. The goon scolds Juhi and Juhi tells him she had only gone to buy the Ganesh Idol. Goon says that Panditji will not spare her. Avni drops Ali home and thinks that she has to find out about the bomb blast. Neil reaches to meet Riya and shows her the letter which Riya had written. Neil asks Riya why she wants Avni to leave him. Riya says that Avni came between them. Neil tells Riya that she is not worth any sympathy. Neil asks Riya to stay away from Avni. Riya instigates Neil against Ali and says that Ali wants to break his and Avni’s relationship. Avni reaches to meet some rowdy looking men and ask them to help her. Avni asks the men where they will get material to make a bomb. The man tells Avni that the bomb material will be available in a place outside Mumbai called Jaguda. Guruma questions Juhi and asks her to give an explanation of being there and why the police reached there. Juhi says she only went to buy Ganesh idol and shivers in fears as Guruma approaches her. Guruma is about to hit Juhi with a stick but she gets saved because of the Ganesh Idol on Juhi’s wrist. Guruma tells Juhi to go to Devi Maa temple and return on time. Juhi touches Guruma’s feet. Dayawanti wonders who is the girl with Guruma. Riya tells Neil that Ali loves Avni since childhood. Neil tells Riya that she has written the letter and not Ali which means that Ali refused to help her. Neil takes off the name plate having Avni and Asha’s name and warns Riya to stay away from Avni.

Precap: Shweta tells Riya that she should make sure Neil gets all memories of Juhi amid the Ganesh festival. Avni tells Juhi that if she cannot reach Jaguda then she should come to the Ganesh Pooja at her house. Guruma allows Juhi to go for the Pooja.