Vidyut strikes Neil on the head with a rod. Vidyut tells Neil he is a villain and he made him tired so he cannot fight. Vidyut’s men beat up Neil with belts. Ragini asks Jailer to check where is Avni. Neil gets trashed. Neela begs Vidyut to spare Neil. Neela grabs gun from a goon and threatens to shoot Mishti. Guard informs jailer that Avni is not to be seen. Dogs start barking and Avni feeds them bread. Jailer hears the barking dogs and understands it is Avni. Avni asks Sunehri to inform DD. Jailer catches Avni. Sunehri calls up DD and asks him to save Neil. Balu informs Ragini to run away today itself. Neela tells Vidyut that she has come to know that he went to Mexico to get his kidney illegally transplanted from Mishti. Vidyut tells Neela to hand over Mishti and he will spare Neil. Vidyut warns to kill Neil. Neil asks Neela to run away with Mishti. Neela agrees to Vidyut.

Neil, Neela and Mishti get rescued

Police arrives just then. Commissioner tells Vidyut that he has lots of questions to answer. Avni gives the card to Ragini and asks her to run. Ragini asks Avni to run away along with her as Vidyut wants her. Ragini tells Avni that they will run away in some time after the inmates are counted. Neil and Neela returns home and Shweta and Bebe are relieved to see them. DD calls Neil and tells him that Vidyut’s interrogation is about to start. Neil says he will come. Neil’s family tries to stop him but he refuses. Neela says that she has got evidence against Vidyut which she will email him. Neela asks forgiveness from Mishti. Bebe asks Neela what happened and Neela says that she used Mishti as her shield to fight against Vidyut and save Neil’s life. Bebe says that she did a right thing and acted like a mother. Neil returns to his duty and joins the interrogation of Vidyut. Neil reveals to commissioner that Vidyut went to Mexico to transplant Mishti’s kidney illegally. Vidyut says that Neil is lying. Neil says he has the video. However, the video does not work. Vidyut’s lawyer says that Vidyut went to Mexico to save Mishti. Neil says that he is a proof of Mishti being kidnapped by him and Vidyut says that he cannot use himself as proof. Vidyut shows the ticket proofs to Neil. Commissioner asks Neil to get to the bottom of the case and find out the truth. Vidyut quietly tells Neil that Avni is running away with his mother at this time and Mishti will return to him too. Ragini gets Avni to Neil’s cabin and jailer hits Avni on the head. Avni becomes unconscious. Ragini buries Avni behind a brick wall. Ragini says that Vidyut will forget Avni eventually. Ragini says that no one will be able to find Avni. Sunehri tells other inmates that Avni is nowhere to be seen. Ragini says that she can do anything for Vidyut as she has taken the blame of murder on herself to save Vidyut. Ragini completes the wall. Neil reaches prison and tells jailer that he wants to meet Avni. Jailer opens the manhole shutter and Avni is not there. Neil thinks that he had told Neil not to run away. Neil gets sad.

Precap: Neil tells DD that Avni could have run away earlier if she wanted to. Neela and Shweta pray for Avni and Neil. Vidyut reaches Neil’s house and gives flowers to Neela saying he will marry Avni. Prakash slaps Vidyut. Neela says she is Avni’s shield.