Naamkaran 9th August 2017 – Full Episode

Naamkaran 9th August 2017 – Full Episode

The latest episode started with, Avni asking Bebe for what valid reason am I getting rebuffed for Ashish’s doings. Shweta says not Ashish when your mum delighted in with an outsider, did she not think this. Ali says enough, do you recognize what you are stating, its composed on this declaration, Avni Mehta, father name Ashish name. Shweta asks did they wed when Avni was conceived, answer me. Dayaben asks where is pandit ji. The woman signs there. Gurumaa comes and demonstrates her face. She says I m pandit ji’s correct hand, you can ask later, we should leave now. They leave in the auto.

Prakash says you told every easily overlooked detail, why not this. Avni says I would let you know. Shweta says I knew you will state this. Avni says I know I mistook. Bebe says no, your mum did mix-up and you will dependably bear its discipline. Ali gets furious. Shweta says what sort of lady was Aisha, is Avni truly Ashish Mehta’s girl.

Neil, DD and staff dress are at some dhaba. Neil says we are covert, we need to get raghu pandit today. A woman orders poha. Neil reviews Avni and supposes I couldn’t advise her before leaving from home, I will attempt now. He doesn’t get organized. Avni says enough, you have no privilege to enlighten anything regarding my mum. Bebe says you have no privilege to raise your tone, what did Shweta say, you recognize what society calls such ladies. Avni says you don’t know anything what a number of penances that lady gave. Bebe says you can never eradicate this stain. Amol says we would prefer not to delete it, one you are calling stain is our pride, we are pleased with our mum. Neela holds Avni.

Neil says guiltless young ladies’ lives ruin and individuals point the finger at them effectively. DD says you are a decent cop and a superior individual. Neil tries getting the system. Gurumaa gets a call and says no, destiny is the end goal that I can’t meet you, fare thee well. Dayaben converses with her. Gurumaa says you took your child’s life. Dayaben says you don’t know the truth. DD says Raghu pandit’s auto is coming along these lines. Neil requests that everybody take the position. Dayaben says Ashish lost life due to that Daayan. The auto stops.

Amol says Dayaben is Naagin, she raised me yet she filled toxic substance in my brain against my mum, my father would have been great who made the birth testament for Avni, possibly that is the reason I need to end up noticeably a decent individual. He indicates Avni and his pic to Bebe and she is equivalent to my mum and father, why is she generally censured.

Dayaben sent her to imprison for mum’s murder point the finger at, I was against her dependably, however today I understand my missteps, don’t rebuff her, you can make me out of this house, Neil additionally tried Avni and constantly bolstered her, you confide in Neil. Bebe says if Neil confided in Avni, why might he send me pics and birth testament. Riya composed letter. Avni reviews Neil’s words. She supposes Neil can never cheat me.

Neil requests that everybody be ready. Bebe peruses letter… the truth is the most demon, its opportunity to tell truth, Ananya is really Avni, I knew wrong occurred with Avni, I didn’t wish to do bad form with her, she has confronted many issues. Neil says we can’t miss them DD.

Gurumaa says you needed to realize what work we do. She demonstrates the truck. Gurumaa says you will know why we came here, the young ladies who conflict with society rules, we end their character, we need to show them, I need you to help us as our reasoning matches, in the event that you gave us devotion proof, at that point you will remain under our shadow, this is my guarantee.

Bebe peruses… Avni came in my life when Riya conned me, I didn’t think Riya will keep running from mandap, I need to allow to Avni, her heart is spotless, I seek all of you excuse her after this little lie, yours Neil… … Avni thinks no Neil can’t cheat me. Bebe says Neil would have pardoned you, yet I will never excuse you, Avni’s personality will never be honest to goodness for society. Avni says yet I can’t change myself for society, I m Avni, Aisha’s little girl, I don’t lament. Neil stops a truck and checks. His telephone falls.

He says there is nobody in this truck. DD says information was correct. Neil says I guaranteed that young lady’s family to get the young lady securely, all of you won’t lose boldness. He ventures on telephone. He picks the telephone and sees Avni’s pic. He goes. Dayaben and Guru maa look on. Dayaben gets stunned seeing Neil and thinks Riya said Neil won’t leave from home today, at that point… . Neil sees Dayaben and gets stunned.