Naamkaran: KK to unite Neil Avni into new relation via secret helper

Naamkaran: Avni (Aditi Rathore) and Neil (Zain Imam) turned secret friends with KK’s help

Star Plus’ most popular show Naamkaran is up for more exciting twists and turns in show.

Neil offers food to Mowgli where later Avni also reaches there to thanks the person who gave food to Mowgli.

Where Neil is not there while Avni gives money to shopkeeper and ask to return this to person who gave food.

Avni is already facing financial problem where her Sukoon house is also at stake.

KK and Neil saves Avni’s Sukoon house

However at this point Mowgli revealed truth forth KK and Neil about being homeless where Neil and KK will help them.

Where further, KK will make Neil come close to Avni where duo will make secret helper to each other while hiding their real identity.

It would be interesting to see what will happen next in Naamkaran.