Naamkaran Latest News: Amol and Dayawanti plot a bomb for Neil

Naamkaran the star plus hit gave the viewers a shock when Amol turns out to be in alliance with Dayavanti and not Avni. Avni and Neil so the aarti together and take blessing from everyone but Bebe and Shweta don’t give Avni their blessings.

Avni and Neel talk, she apologizes to him and tells him that she cannot come in between his parents and will not come back home. Neel tells her that he will never come back if she breaks their relationship. She is still in a haze about what to make of the situation. Bebe prays to Krishna and wishes that the family’s happiness comes back and tells Neel that she only did what she did because she hates lies. Amol plots Neels end.

Dayavanti tells Amol to get Avni out of the society because she wants to see a helpless Avni. Amol places the bomb in the Dahi Handi and when Neel is on top of the human pyramid, Neela indicates Avni that there is a bomb and when Avni shouts Neels name, she is just about to break the handi but the bomb bursts. What  do you think will happen to Neel? Will he survive Dayawantis trap?