Naamkaran: Meher revealed to be GuruMaa’s pawn against Neil and Avni Upcoming Episode

Star Plus popular show Naamkaran is keeping viewers glued to the Television sets with interesting twist and turns in Neil and Avni’s life.

As per the latest track it’s seen that Shweta wants to trick Avni and bring Neil back home.

Furthermore, it’s seen that Avni also gets carried away with Shweta and fall in her Mayajaal.

Avni is unaware of Shweta’s master plan where Shweta has teamed up with Daya.

Meher revealed to be GuruMaa’s pawn against Neil (Zain Imam)

GuruMaa has planted her pawn Meher who is look-a-like of Neil’s ex-girlfriend Juhi.

Moreover, Neil will be seen missing Shweta where she helped Neil a lot to come out of trauma Juhi.

While GuruMaa is aware about this and thus will play with Neil;s emotions in the upcoming episode.

Meher has already made her entry in Avni’s life.

It would be really interesting to see how this Meher will change the equations amid Neil and Anvi.

Stay tuned for more updates.