Naamkaran: Neil and Avni’s iconic union against Shweta

In Star Plus popular show Naamkaran viewers will get to witness the most awaited moment about Neil gaining his consciousness.

Yes, Avni’s prayer and efforts will show the fruitful effects making Neil fight against death and get back life.

Avni will the one who will be most happy to see Neil gaining consciousness.

Bebe, Shweta, Prakash and Neela will be seen relieved while Amol will get irked with this good news and inform the same to Daya.

On the other side, Neil will accept Avni against Shweta.

Bebe will also be seen supporting Avni and Neil as Bebe reveals that Neil is alive due to Avni’s love and care.

Neil accepts Avni against Shweta and family

Shweta will be seen fuming over Bebe’s praises only for Avni.

Neil will also enlighten that he has decided to reside with Avni separately and will make a new beginning with Avni.

Viewers will thus get to witness Neil and Avni’s iconic union.

What will Shweta, Daya, Amol and Ria do now to separate Neil and Avni is a must wait and watch?

Apart from this viewers will get to witness lots of romantic moments amid Neil and Avni in the upcoming tracks.

Stay tuned for more updates.