Star Plus daily drama Naamkaran is gearing up for high voltage drama where Vidyut has turned the tables landing Avni in do or die situation.

Avni gets shocked to learn about Neil and Neo’s game plan where all this while Avni hust misunderstood Neil.

Avni gets surprised and feels glad that Neil was securing her keeping her safe inside jail while it was her who hated Neil.

Avni feels Neil’s pain and recalls his tears while Avni gets determined to save Neil’s life from Vidyut’s clutches.

Avni finally bend before Vidyut accepting marriage proposal

While Vidyut is not going to let Neil and Avni unite so easily.

Avni will break the prison too to save Neil’s life while Vidyut does not let Avni succeed and sends her back jail.

Thus left with no other option Avni will decide to bend before Vidyut and marry.

Hence payback time for Avni begins repenting Neil’s good deeds.

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